Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"All women are liars." He spit out in quick retort. The man acted as if women were serpents! Were we to be forever damned by Eve's actions? Where had he learned about women, in a monastery? Trying to show him the logic behind her answers, in frustration Isobel spoke.
"Why would I kiss you if I were betrothed?! Indeed I would not be betrothed to a man I did not at least respect if not love! And if I respected or loved another I could not have kissed you so!" Her breast were heaving while she stood tiptoed leaning into his imposing frame.
Robert's eyes could not help their path. They meandered over he features, coming to rest upon those lush lips. She did not love or respect another man? The words reverberated in his skull. Using her Socratic logic Robert knew exactly what that meant.
Without any further thought Robert did what he had been longing to be from the first instance he saw her. Dipping his head he took her lips forcefully to his own. Savagely claiming them. It was a fierce taking, a branding. Robert wouldn't have been surprised if Isobel tried to run from him now. Her resistance could be of no use, If she ran he would follow. There was no denying her want either.
Her arms slid under his. Isobel grasped the wool of his tunic as if it were her life line, the teether that held her on this earth. This was what she had needed. This is what she had wiaited for. Had been waiting for. Longing for. What they had both sought and craved.
His lips moved possessively over hers. Robert's fingers sought the nape of her neck. They intertwined in the soft curls that lingered on her delicate hot skin. The cool silky weight of her plaits rested against the backs of his knucks creating an alluring contrast.
Robert held her head gently as he took from her mouth. The experience of her lips was more than he had dreamed. Indeed, it was more than he had expected.
It was up to Isobel just how much more.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

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Monday, September 24, 2007

The Start of Something New

In the next few days I will be posting a free read!