Saturday, April 12, 2008

Action Packed scene from my recent work

The formatting is off but the chapter is definitely shaping up!

Priya couldn’t believe her eyes. Gripping her wounded hand she watched as Hector began to change. A deep fierce howl ripped throw the air and Priya jumped at the threatening sound.
Hector’s shoulders grew broader as his height increased. She watched in stunned silence as his clothing began to rip away. Bulging muscle burst free of their confinement while his fingers grew long with claws flashing from his fingertips. Hair sprouted thick and dark to cover his skin.
A fearsome growl escaped his lips flashing white large teeth. The only part of the beast before her that resembled Hector were its eyes. The deep amber gold orbs reflected vibrantly. Glowing with an intensity of a ragging inferno. But his gaze did not settle on Priya. It settled on Lethgorn.
Or the shell of him, for now Lethgorn was shocked. The man held disbelief and panic in his cruel countenance. Stunned, Lethgorn had even let his weapon fall to his side. Hector however was ready for a fight. The great beast that was her lover looked as though he would eat her fiancé.
Now on all fours, Hector’s head was lowered while his legs were ready to pounce. Snarls rumbled through his body as the hair on his back stood on end.
The sound of Serge’s pounding shattered the spell of tension cast upon the scene and Lethgorn raised his weapon to fire. Hector launched his body at Lethrogn and a shot was fired. Captivated in fear Priya was uncertain where the shot went. Hector’s jaws clamped down with bone shattering force on Lethgorn’s shoulder. Blood rushed forth in an angry torrent as Lethgorn’s cries of pain filled the air.
Pound! Pound! Scrap!
At the bay door Serge was slowly but surely prying his way into the bay. Despite her hard work this was going to end terribly if she did not take action and quick!
“Hector.” Priya called to the wolf straddling Lethgorn. His head raised with Lethgorn’s debilitated shoulder still between his jaws. Hector was looking at her; that was a good sign right? If he recognized his name and her then he would certainly listen to her.
Then again he wasn’t one for taking orders.
Either way Priya knew they had to get out of here. Murdering Lethgorn wasn’t necessary for their escape.
“Hector, come on!” Her wolf cocked his head as if confused and remained where he was. Even as a wolf he would question her.
“Come on!” Priya yelled as she pointed to the previously sealed cargo bay door. Serge had pried the door a quarter of the way up. With that much room he could certainly shot them.
Dropping the whimpering Lethgorn, Hector bounded over the trunks in his path and lept into the lander hatch. Priya hurriedly closed the hatch and ran for the control panel. From the cockpit she booted the system and ordered the lander dock to be lowered into the release bay.
Lethgorn was attempting to crawl with one arm toward what she knew was his weapon. The son of a bitch just wouldn’t give up! Not giving a naftar’s ass if she killed the bastard or not, Priya fired a small blast before him.
As addled as he was Lethgorn managed to roll away. She couldn’t hear him but Priya could see his lips moving. The little coward was probably coursing her to Hades and the gods knew what else.