Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dark God Descending by Tony-Paul De Vissage

When I decided to write in the horror genre, I chose to limit myself to vampire stories, I wished to write something different. With that in mind, I turned my attention from les vampires of the Old World and concentrated on those in the New. It appears almost all cultures have stories of bloodsucking creatures of the night, being who for one reason or another have offended their deity and are accursed. So what was the Native Americans' spin on this legend? I decided to find out, concentrating on the native of Central America specifically the Maya.
Dark God Descending is the story of two men, seperated by thousands of years, thrown together by unbelievable circumstances; it is the story of their friendship and their love for the same woman, and what is involved in accepting event Fate has dealt them. It is available from Sams Dot Publishing at
Be sure to check out this intrigueing story and read an excerpt!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There is no snow on the ground here in St. Louis, but it certainly is cold! I was listening to the radio today and heard the one Christmas song that I all know it, the John Lennon song, Happy Christmas (War Is Over).
Warmest wishes to you and your family in this holiday season!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Check out Sweet Vengance by Nicole Morgan

Sweet Vengeance ~
Hearts on Fire Books
Book 3 in the Sweet Series

Coming to eBook September 29, 2009

Adam Collins was just beginning to put his life back together when he meets Chelsea, his sweet and beautiful next door neighbor from next door. As the two spend more time together an attraction between them builds.
A nightmare from Adam’s past, that he thought was long ago dead and buried comes back to life and places him and Chelsea in danger. Enlisting the help of two of his former Navy SEALS team members Adam must find a way to keep them both safe.
As the danger mounts and passions ignite one question will remain. Who will be left standing after Sweet Vengeance is served?


Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Finally Here!

For One Dark Knight
By: Ava James
Other books by Ava JamesCategories: Historical Mainstream ROMANCE Word Count: 63,277Heat Level: SENSUALPublished By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

AVAILABLE: Tuesday, September 29th
Past the suitable age for marriage, Lady Isobel longs for her life to begin. When the chance to flee the clutches of her misery arises, she sets out on a journey to her dower lands and childhood home. But no road is without its perils, and she soon finds she needs someone by her side.
Sir Robert de Gever's duties become vastly more complicated when Lady Isobel stumbles into his life in need of rescue. Questions arise and secrets run deep, leaving desire and suspicion to war within him.
Intrigue awaits the pair, and conspirators abound. Is the bond of one dark night spent together strong enough to save them from their fears?

Monday, September 21, 2009


This has been one crazy week for me as an author and I am pleased to announce that my very short story, Once Cuffed is now available on All Romance Ebooks and So check it out and see why speeding naked isn't such a bad idea after all!

Length: Short Short
Heat Level: eXcess 1
Price: $0.99

E-Books are available in .PDF, .HTML, .LIT, .KML, .PDB, .MOBI, and .RB format and will be delivered via email within 24 hours of payment.
You must specify upon payment in the Paypal “optional comments” section which format you prefer.
Warnings: This title contains graphic language and sex.

What’s the best way to get a Sheriff’s Deputy’s attention? Speeding naked, of course. Danie has got her man right where she wants him, but the tables turn once cuffed.
Sirens filled the night air, and she slowed down. Danie pulled to the side of the road and hoped that Mike sat behind of the wheel of the squad car that pulled her over.
If he wasn’t, she’d die of embarrassment.
She pulled her coat closed tight and reapplied her lip gloss. Her stomach was a flutter of anxious nerves when she saw the figure exit the car. The shadowed effect of the headlights didn’t help her to figure out whether it was Mike or not.
“License and registration miss.”
She knew as soon as she heard him speak that is was Mike. Her heart raced and adrenaline pumped into her veins.
“Danie?” He shined the flashlight in her face. “What in the world are you doing out here speeding?”
She swallowed her nervous jitters and replied, “Trying to get your attention.” She allowed the top of her coat to fall open.
Mike’s flashlight beam fell onto her naked body…

For One Dark Knight is Coming

Tuesday, September 29th is the official release of my novel and I could not be more excited!!!

Get your copy at Siren Bookstrand

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Terrible Blogger

Obviously it has been far too long since I blogged. The reason?

Well, let's see....
I accepted a job in Alaska so I was moving to Alaska.
I packed everything I own.
I sold my car and alot of my other belongings.
Quit my job.
Then I was offered a job here.
So I was unpacking all of my boxes, finding a new car, taking my house off of the market...

Let's just say I have had an eventful summer of rollercoaster sized twists and turns.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Alaska here I come!

I am taking that leap, packing the suitcase, and the cat. In two weeks, I am heading North to Alaska.

Wish me luck!

I can't wait to leave the 90 degree summer days behind. Then I will whine for warmth in a few months, but oh well. You can't always get what you want. But I am trying this time, I think I have found that I am getting just what I need.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Cover to Consider...

For my Historical to be released in Sept. 2009, I have a cover. Any thoughts???

Friday, June 19, 2009


Yes, Alaska is calling again. And this time, the offer is almost too good to resist. If a company offered you double your annual salary and better benefits, would you sell the house and head north?

I've listed the positive, so teh negative?
Well, you guessed it--cold. 19 degrees colder on average per day than my current state (which sounds good when the temp here is 95 with 84% humidity) And did I mention the relocation? 64 hours driving, 3700 miles away. My family is small, and with the job offer I would be off for EVERY holiday for several days and sometimes weeks :) I'd only work 202 days out of the year

Fate threw me the opportunity to head North, to a rural area before. Now fate is offering up a tasty bit of metropolatin in the middle of the mountains.

I will keep you posted on my possible exodus

Author Bio:

Jennifer Haymore grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii, where she surfed, learned how to fly airplanes, raced bicycles, and developed a love for sailing. She was an avid reader and completely destroyed her eyesight by sneaking a flashlight under her covers and reading far into the nights — making her mother wonder why on earth she couldn’t get up for school in the mornings…Jennifer holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and a master’s degree in Education from UCLA. Before she became a full-time writer she held various jobs from bookselling to teaching inner-city children to playing bit roles in soap operas. You can find Jennifer in Southern California trying to talk her husband into yet another trip to England, helping her three children with homework while brainstorming a new five-minute dinner menu, or crouched in a corner of the local bookstore writing her next novel.


CAUGHT BETWEEN DUTY AND DESIRE…Sophie, the Duchess of Calton, has finally moved on. After seven years mourning the loss of her husband, Garrett, at Waterloo, she has married his best friend and heir, Tristan. Sophie gives herself to him body and soul…until the day Garrett returns from the Continent, demanding his title, his lands—and his wife.

TORN BETWEEN TWO HUSBANDS…Now Sophie must choose between her first love and her new love, knowing that no matter what, her choice will destroy one of the men she adores. Will it be Garrett, her childhood sweetheart, whose loss nearly destroyed her once already? Or will it be Tristan, beloved friend turned lover, who supported her through the last, dark years and introduced her to a passion she had never known? As her two husbands battle for her heart, Sophie finds herself immersed in a dangerous game—where the stakes are not only love…but life and death.

Excerpt: here is the link to one:
Thank You to Ms. Haymore for being in the Spotlight! ~ Ava James

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Clayton Bye In The Blog-Spotlight

What genre do you categorize your books in? Several authors tend to blur the lines when they write books, and I myself cannot seem to stay true to one genre.
I write in many genres. I have published 4 self-help books, 1 anthology of inspirational articles, 1 business text book and 1 dark fantasy novel. I also write fiction and non-fiction short stories, poetry and book/author reviews. The articles blur the lines because they focus on my 10 years of travel throughout Canada. So does the fantasy novel; it has aspects of adventure, romance, even religion. Do you have a new book out, if so we’d love to hear about it.I have a new fantasy novel in the works. It’s called TechnoMage and is a sequel to my previous novel, The Sorcerer’s Key. Approximately 10,000 words of the first draft of TechnoMage have been posted at This is a Harper Collins competition site. Anyone can read the excerpt and comment on it.
Congratulations on your success as an author. How many books do you have in print now? Which is your favorite?
Thank you. Of the 7 books I have in print, my favourite is The Sorcerer’s Key.
What do you love about your editor (or publisher)?
Um, I break all the rules. I’m my own editor and publisher. Have been since 1994. There’s just myself and the printer I contract. I tried hiring editors and proof readers but they couldn’t keep up with my publishing schedule.
Speaking of schedules...What does your writing schedule look like? Are you a morning writer? A night owl?
I’ve always written whenever I’m not working or spending time with my family. That used to be in the evenings and on weekends. Now, since I’ve been retired by a disability, it’s whenever my condition allows - usually small pieces of time throughout the day and evening.
Do you have a writer’s cave?
I used to have a writer’s cave. My wife now owns it. She’s not here to say yea or nay. I can’t sit in a chair anymore; my legs need to be stretched out. I write on my laptop computer on whatever couch or bed is available in the house.
In reading your bio, I saw that you are a man of many hats. How do you balance it all?
Balance? That’s a good one. I live and breathe writing and entrepreneurship. They’re the only things that keep me going. I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis (can’t walk more than a block) and unstable Bipolar Disorder.On a more useful line of discourse, I’ve always followed a simple philosophy. You make a list of things you want or need to accomplish in a day, beginning with the most difficult and most urgent, then continue on until the day is done. Anything left is put aside until the next day - without thought or remorse. You won’t get more done using any other method, and this one allows you to go to bed satisfied with what you did accomplish. It also allows for balance, as long as you build family and recreational goals into the list. I never complete my list, by the way. There’s more work to do than my lifetime will allow.
That philosophy is a wonderful way to appraoch life in general. What is your next project?
I have six:
1. I’m working on a North American email campaign to contact every bookstore, library, university, high school and book club.
2. I devote part of each day to internet networking.
3. I’ve just hired on as Horror Editor at
4. I write reviews for
5. I want to put together a book of short stories
6. I also want to write a book of poetry
Do you have any writing rituals? I find myself in a John Mayer and 80's music mode (yes, they are not good bed mates and make for a very odd mixture of music). Do you have a go to song of the moment to help keep the momentum going when you work, or a particular quirk?
Nope. If my concentration is good, I have a mixture of several hundred songs on my laptop that I set to play randomly. On days where concentration is lacking, I write in as much silence as I can find. I particularly like Louis L’Amour’s writing comment... “I could sit in the middle of Sunset Boulevard and write with my typewriter on my knees; temperamental I am not.” That’s what I strive for.
Today, writers need not only write great books, but be great promoters of their books, and their name as a brand too. What kinds of things do you do?
I used to talk books to every person I came into contact with. Now that I’m confined to my home most of the time, I do the same thing on the internet. I’ve been running my internet campaign for about 6 weeks now, and I already have over 50 sites that I actively promote myself on. These include blogs, online stores, my own website(s), even places like twitter. I also send out a couple of hundred promotional emails every week. I’ve submitted my main website to a few thousand search engines, have begun to post reviews on places like Amazon and Chapters. And I always use my own name and/or mention at least one of my books or websites in any kind of communication. Oh yeah, I constantly prompt people for testimonials. I know this industry is big on reviews, but I believe whole heartedly in comments from people who have spent money to read my work.
What else would you like to tell us?
The most useful thing I can tell any writer is to never forget that writing is writing and business is business. They’re two different things that you must do equally well.
As for your readers?
Buy my books. You won’t be disappointed.
Thanks to Clayton Bye and don't forget to visit his site!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Welcome Raine Delight to the Blog

Let it Raine!

Today I am welcoming Raine Delight to the blog for an interview, so let's get started! Tell us a little about yourself. What corner of the world are you writing from or what are you writing on now?

Officially my bio says that I am a mom of two, have a boy toy of my own for the last three years, yada yada yada but unofficially here is my bio:

Slightly nuts, I am a harried mom of two kids, a cougar woman with my very own boy toy of three years J and I am slowly going insane by the voices in my head. My muse is a hard task master who seems to slip off to sip mai tais on a beach while I whine and mutter as I try to finish a manuscript.

I live in Western NY where the seasons change and the weather is as volatile as my characters. I love to read and have an extensive library of my own though honey seems to cringe when I say I need more bookcases. LOL I love hiking in the summer with the kids and honey, movie night and long walks. I spent my 20’s running around down south from one job or another and have worked and lived in the Grand Canyon for a season.

I am currently working on several projects and planning future ones as well. I seem to like utter chaos when I write and need music while I write.

What is in the queue right now for future projects?

My first M/M Cowboy story for a new publisher (Christmas theme)
Falling to Pieces (Paranormal Romantic Comedy)
A Halloween Short for another new publisher
Space Pirates 1: Bounty (Futuristic Erotic Ménage)
Club Fantasy Series (Paranormal Erotic Ménage)

Do you have a favorite among your books or a favorite character? Why?

A favorite? Nope not really. I love each and every one of my characters though I find myself loving it when the women are really spunky and keep the men off kilter. Makes them work for their hearts!

Congratulations on your success as an author. How many books do you have in ebooks now?

All my books are in electronic format but I am hopeful on several projects that may go into print in the future.

Currently I have these available from Aspen Mountain Press (
Devon Falls series:
Sticky Magic (Can be found in the Babes in Toyland II anthology)
Red Hot Magic
Fiery Magic

Stand alone title:
Fairy Kisses and Magical Dreams

My editor has the next Devon Falls series book, Haunting Magic, in her hands so I am awaiting word on that one plus I am currently working on several different submissions for a few other places.

All my books can be found at the following places:
Aspen Mountain Press-
Fiction wise:
All Romance e-Books:
Amazon Kindle:

What do you love about your editor (or publisher)?

I love my editor especially as she helps me try to get some problem areas smoothed out and forces me to see things from her point of view. Aspen Mountain Press is a great publisher with top notch talent. I love everyone there and have nothing but praise for them.

That's wonderful to hear! There are so many writers who cannot say the same :(

Having a great working relationship must help you in your creative process as well--having that support. I write whenever I can, an hour before bed, maybe a few hours in the middle of the day if I can. What does your writing schedule look like? Are you a morning writer? A night owl?

My writing schedule is a bit chaotic right now. I work PT in catering and spring/summer is my busy season. I try to write a little each day but some days my work at home gets priority. If I am on deadline, I throw on the headphones and pop in a cd and get to work. I am pretty good at that and if I get in the groove, I can get a lot done in a short amount of time.

I try to stay off the internet unless it is a preexisting appointment online in the evening as I try to spend time with honey and run around taking kids to dance classes and other activities. Weekends are specifically family time, errands and my DJ. I try to keep a balance but some days it is hard. *sighs*

DJ--Day Job. So now that we know that you do have another career, how do you balance the two?

I do have a DJ…well actually I do three DJ’s. I am glutton for punishment it seems. Balancing is a hard thing for me since they take precedent since they pay the bills. Some days I wonder if I am coming or going. J I try to make time and carve out a writing block time. But alas, sometimes real life comes down and bites you in the butt and tells you to get moving. Someday I wish I can write full time but until then, I carve out time a little each day.

I hear that. I think that the stress of trying to be everything to everyone and carrying on with your dream, while working a day job, is what really deters some authors. What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

Push the box, write whatever you think you might read and learn from others. Take free online seminars, read some writing books and keep writing. Let others beta read and pin point what may need attention and make sure you have a clean copy to send out to submission editors. Follow the rules on submitting and then keep going. Ask questions and talk to other more established authors. You can learn a lot from them.

Returning to the topic of your writing habits, Do you have any writing rituals? Like special music, times of the day, food quirks, etc?

Um…I need music of any kid, be it the radio or a CD playing. Sometimes something will spark something and it will be mentioned in the book like in Devon Falls books, Red Hot Magic and Fiery Magic. They both had a mention of what I was listening to by my characters.

Today, writers need not only write great books, but be great promoters of their books, too. What kinds of things do you do?

Well my business degree is getting a major workout. LOL I signed with Phoenix Rising Promotions to do most of my promotional work since I found it left me little time to be writing or meeting deadlines. I have a great promo manager named Katie who gets my excerpts out, sends out my flyers for contests or what is new with me. It helps take a big load off my shoulders since I can concentrate on writing and getting books into my editor. Plus she makes sure I am at my blog/loop chat dates as well. I can be a bit scatterbrained if I don’t get that reminder. *sigh*

Wow you sure are a busy lady. We are all multitaskers aren't we? LOL

If you could interview any of the characters in your books, which one would it be, and why? What shocking thing might that character say?

ooohhhh I would have to say Damien from my next project, Falling to pieces. He reminds me of Captain Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean and is very alpha male. More than likely he would want to know how much he misses eating normal foods and keeping his body parts from falling off. *grins*

Sounds interesting. You know Captain Jack looks appealing accept for those teeth :P Speaking of new materials, Can we have an excerpt from a recent release? I'm greedy for new reading materials and would love to have a peek!

My last release was back in November and is titled Fairy Kisses and Magical Dreams. Here is the blurb:
Prince Aryan has searched his world for the one woman that is his destined mate but has just about given up when he is led to the human world. Even though it is forbidden to fall in love with a human, he finds Skye Andrews completely delectable and wonders if she is his chosen love.
Skye Andrews has had it with men. After another disastrous date, her aunt gives her a love potion to try. With a magic spell and a mysterious face haunting her waking days, will Skye find the love she is looking for?
A Mini Excerpt for you as well.

Skye puttered around the bedroom, listening to the music box in the egg. She tried to relax but it was as if her body knew something or someone was coming to claim her, body and soul. She tried to puzzle out how she knew someone important was coming. It was like when she’d seen the face in the window at her aunt’s; she’d known he was her true love.
Silly woman. That was the stuff dreams and Disney movies were made of, not real life.
In a darkened corner of her room, a glowing light caught her attention. She watched as a stunning man magically appeared. Breathtakingly gorgeous, he exuded sex appeal to the core. Appreciation mingled with desire. He stood almost six feet tall, with a lean, whipcord body which made her feel faint with uncontrolled longing. His silvery blond hair was pulled back, and his eyes were the jade green of ancient oriental carvings. He was the most sensual man she’d ever beheld. High chiseled cheekbones, a strong chin with a dimple winking at her when he smiled. With a gasp, she recognized the face as the one she saw in her aunt’s window. It couldn’t be him. Was he her true love like the legend she was told by the shopkeeper?
When she finally allowed her gaze to move past the full lips which seemed to call to her, she drifted lower and saw strength in his muscular body. It was as if she’d watched a god come to life. She was a moth drawn to that ever dangerous flame; as her body couldn’t resist him. Shimmering blue pants seemed to have molded themselves onto his muscular legs.
Her eyes widened when she saw the bulge in his trousers. A blush heated her cheeks and she found herself wondering what his ass would look like out of those pants. Quirking an appreciative smile, she continued to scrutinize him, moving her gaze back to his face. Once again she was amazed at this fine specimen of a man.
You can buy it at the following places:
Buy links:
Aspen Mountain Press:
http://www.aspenmountainpress. com/paranormal/ romance/fairy- kisses-and- magical-dreams/ prod_181. html
Fictionwise Books: eBook76589.htm
All Romance e-Books:
http://www.allromanceebooks. com/product-fairykissesandma gicaldreams- 12186-144. html

What else would you like to tell us?

I love to have readers join my reader loop since this summer a HUGE contest is going on at my loop. Information can be found at my website and blog on the details. I also enjoy hearing from readers as well. J

You can find me at the following places:
My Space:
Raine’s Reader Loop:
My Newsletter/Special Announcement loop:
Email: rainedelight (without spaces)

Thank you to Ms. Delight, and be sure to join her group as well as read her books, you'll enjoy it!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Word Count, Some Progress Finally!

So the word count has been stagnent for two weeks on my latest novel, Juniper Sky. But today I sat down an dgot 2000 words out so that is a slow start back toward where I want to be.

51370/75000 words complete. Roughly 69%

Hopefully I can get this thing hammered out in the next few weeks. I hate it when a story launches out of your mind and on to the screen in one huge burst adn then faults big time.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Getting a Readers Attention

I was in Borders yesterday, looking for something new to read, and as I picked up and put back book after book I began to wonder how others decide on what to buy or not. I of course look at the cover, then read the blurb. If one character has a name that turns me off it is back to the shelf for the book. Then, if it the book passes those two tests, I read the first page. On thast page I am looking for two major things--the Author's voice and the time period. That got me thinking, when I purchase an ebook, I don't have that first page to read. Sure the usually is an excerpt or a blurb, but that doesn't satisfy my need for the first page. It may just be me, but I wish we could see the first ebook page as well.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Steamy Excerpt from Royal Cargo

Royal Cargo
by Ava James
Kidnapped on her wedding day, Princess Priya of Caethern has more to worry about than her unwanted groom. The fact that she is taken by a disgusting creature, stripped of her formal attire, and caged, doesn’t sit well either. When she is rescued by a rugged marauder, who is everything her world is not, and all that she wishes she could have, Priya is faced with more danger than any enemy could present.
Hector gets more than he bargains for when he steals one too many freighters from the enemy. The last thing he expected to find was a stolen princess. Traversing through the universe, fleeing multiple enemies, new dangers meet them at every turn. And in the end, the greatest peril may be letting go.

Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: Tangy
Book Length: Novella
Price: $3.99

Excerpt from Royal Cargo: A Kiss from the Big Bad Wolf....
Hector traced his hands up her naked flesh and rose to stand before her. Her body hummed and tingled with anticipation of his next move. Of their own accord, her breasts seemed to rise into his palms. When his thumbs brushed over her nipples, Priya thought she would melt.
One hand lingered upon her breast; his other skimmed down the gentle arch of her back to her bare ass and cupped her to him. She savored the delicious contact. Heat radiated off of their bodies, and electricity charged the air between them.
Priya saw her opportunity to kiss him, and although a novice, she took it. His hungry lips met her demanding mouth. Boldly, Priya thrust her tongue into the warmth of his mouth, rewarded by the new sensation and the gruff groan that escaped his throat.
Hector broke the kiss and began to lay gentle siege to her body. Featherlight touches and soft moist kisses assaulted Priya’s senses. Her world lit up with the glow of erotic sensation. His touch swept slowly over her body, lower with each kiss.
Leisurely, he ran his hand along Priya’s inner thigh and urged her legs to part. She willingly obeyed and observed his every movement. Hector ran his tongue down her hip then lower to her knee. The hot sensation of his breath combined with the soft nibbling and sucking made Priya dizzy. Not to mention the thrill of watching him.
A gentle kiss grazed her soft feminine curls, and she held her breath in heady intoxicating expectation. Then Hector placed another kiss firmly on the center of her longing. Priya closed her eyes and let her head roll back. The sensations he created took over her mind and body.
Hector slid his tongue into her warm, wet pussy. The contact was exactly what she craved. The tip of his tongue lingered on her clit while he stroked deliberate circles over her swollen skin.
A jerk of her hips in unison with a sweet gasp was Priya’s reply. Her fingers entwined in the silken curls of Hector’s hair as he drove her wild. She wanted to experience all he offered.
With each flick of his skillful tongue, her ecstasy grew. This was the most erotic and maddening experience of her life. She gazed into his amber eyes while his tongue laved her sensitive flesh. Her body burned and throbbed for what she’d never experienced.
Like the rolling clouds of a building storm, lightning erupted from within. One hand braced on the wall behind her, the other cradled his head. She moaned his name. Her first orgasm rippled down her spine, and her knees shook.
“Ah, you taste as sweet as you look.”

Monday, May 4, 2009

Castle Yahoo Group Turns 500!

It happend this evening, and I fear I will have thoroughly annoyed many people before I am done with my posts on the subject.

But, this is too cool. So check out the group, and I am also up on another fabulous author's blog. Check me out on

That's all for now folks!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Word Joust is on In May!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

In honor of the Castle In The Sky group turning 500 (members that is--not age of moderators combined) we are hosting a Jousting tournament. Consider this a war of words for all of you authors out there. We are throwing down the gauntlet. We want your best line ever, your best 20 word entry. It will then be bracketed in a poll against another line from a similar genre author. Go into the Castle Yahoo group and enter your information into the database labeled Word Joust.

Now readers, you get something out of this too! Just for voting or commenting, you will be entered to win a release from one of the many participating authors.

The ultimate prize for our
Champion of the Word Joust--
One Week Cover feature on the Castle
A Review by Dark Diva Ava James
An Interview with Trinity Blacio's Blog
A Week long spotlight on Ava James' Blog

To join our medieval merriment follow the link below. The fun ends at the stroke of midnight (oh, now that sounds bad )on May 17th, when we crown our Champion!

Friday, April 24, 2009

I have been weighed down with the daily goings on of my split life-style, i.e. writer by night, teacher by day. To uphold the wholesome home front and then write the erotic behind closed doors, is a fence it seems many of us straddle.

Like so many other Americans, I have a graduates degree and no job to show for it. The stress of facing yet another year without a "real" job has caused my creativity well to run dry. I have been writing for the past few evenings, a few hundred words here and there. Now that I reread what I wrote, I realize that it is all worthless crap. My writing lacks the life that it showed before. I am sure that some of you have experienced this before. It is a temporary thing that will pass. But the troubles of the daytime seem to bleeding over into my evenings more and more. Why is it that a decent, hardworking, reliable, and well educated individual cannot find employment? Half of the jobs I apply for, I am over qaulified, the other half, I lack the expereince they are searching for--so what is it that I am to do? You know, I passed up a decent job outside of my intended feild to accept a temporary job in order to gain the "experience" necessary, and I feel that all my hard work was an exercise in futality. I have left college (grad. of 08) with a very expensive piece of paper and the student loan statements to prove it. Before now, when I put my mind to something, it worked out. But this past year, nothing has. My paternal grandfather passed away, I did not get a job offer for this school year, my father died, my maternal grandfather and grandmother died, and thus far I still have no job prospects. You know, if my dog ran off I could write a damned good country song here ;P

Here is to better days ahead--b/c I damned tired of feeling like Llyod Dobler holding that boom box over my head while Peter Gabriel sings Your Eyes.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A taste of Crossroads by Keta Diablo

Keta Diablo was kind enough to drop by and leave us a little snip-it of her latest. You can find out more about Ms. Diablo on her blog,

Enjoy! And Thanks Keta for sharing!


Phaze Publishing,
Keta Diablo,
A male/male novella

About the book:

Handsome ex-cop Frank McGuire is on a quest to locate his dead partner's missing son. Rand Brennan has an identity issue, exacerbated since the death of his father. Hoping to find himself, Rand drops out of college, takes to the streets and doesn't realize he's embroiled in duplicity and murder.. In order to save Rand, Frank must confront the nefarious killers and . . .. confront his long-suppressed feelings for Rand.

Elements: scenes of intense sexual activity


From the corner of the candlelit bedroom, an outline of a body beneath the bed sheets flooded Frank’s vision. At a foot-dragging pace, he inched his way forward, praying Rand was alone in that bed. He meant to put the fear of God in him, and his plan would only work if he didn’t have company for the night. Images of the young man behind the bar flooded his brain. He strongly resembled the seventeen year old who stood in front of his father’s casket at the cemetery five years ago. It was Rand all right in that bed. A box had been tucked under his arm on the walk home, and now, Frank intended to find out what was in it.The kid must have sensed a presence. He sat up in bed, rubbed the sleep from his eyes, and glanced around the room. His body tensed and his eyes widened―forest green at the moment and glistening like jack pines after a summer storm.His voice barely a whisper and strained, Rand asked, “Who’s there?”Frank put the gun to his cheek. “Get up.”With trembling arms, he pushed the covers off, dragged his legs over the edge of the bed and stood up. The whites of his eyes gleamed stark against the dark shadows in the room. “What do you want?” Frank had taken the bullets out earlier, but the kid didn’t have to know that. He placed the gun to his forehead and grabbed a shaft of his thick, dark hair. “I’ll ask the questions.” He flicked the switch on a dim lamp beside the bed. “Do you understand?”Rand swallowed hard, nodded and stared at the black hood covering his face. A fleeting moment of recognition passed over his face, but it wasn’t possible he could make out Frank’s features behind the disguise.His lean, well-muscled body sent a shiver down Frank’s spine, every inch taut and smooth, covered only by a pair of blue boxer shorts. His dark hair rested above his shoulders, glossy like his mother’s, and streaked with mahogany. Reflected light caught the angular planes of his face, the carved cheekbones and generous mouth. This was going to be harder than Frank thought. Determined to scare the shit out of him if need be, he had to find out what he was up to and he had to get his hands on that box.Rand’s voice faltered. “I don’t have any money, no jewels, not even a pack of smokes, if that’s―”His head reeled to the side when Frank delivered an open-handed slap to his cheek. “Keep your mouth shut! Unless I tell you to speak, you say nothing, got it?”Another nod.For emphasis, Frank slapped him again on the other side of his face. “Where are the drugs?”“Drugs?” Anger and fear slithered through his voice. “You’ve come to the wrong place if you’re looking for smack or coke.” Frank holstered the gun, grabbed him by the hair again, and shoved him toward the wall, face first. A fine bead of sweat had broken out on his forehead and his hands were clenched tightly at his sides. “You call me sir when you address me.”“Yes, sir.”“What’s in the box you carried home tonight if not drugs?”“You followed me?” Rand cranked his neck around to look at him. Frank pushed his face into the wall and kicked his feet out until his legs were spread wide. “Put your hands on the wall, palms flat. You even twitch, I’ll drop you quicker than butter melting in a pan, got that?”“I ain’t got no drugs, man . . . I mean, sir.”“Such a smart, pretty boy, and a quick learner.” Acutely aware of the smooth, tanned skin of his shoulders and back, mere inches from him, and the sinewy muscles of his forearm stretched out to the wall, Frank sucked in a quiet breath. To heighten the tension, Frank put his hand on his back and snapped the elastic band of his briefs. “You know what they do to little boys in prison?”

Crossroads Decadent Land of Falling
Deceptions Stars

Friday, April 10, 2009

Welcome Ms. Maddie James! Let’s get right into it. Maddie, tells us a bit about how you started writing.

Hi Ava! Thanks so much for having me on your blog. I started writing years ago, before I even conceived that I could be a writer. I’d jot down scenes and exchanges of dialogue, and then I’d fold them away in a notebook or in my underwear drawer. Then I’d tell myself, “You’re not a writer, you’re a teacher,” and off I’d go and do the teacher thing. But before too many years passed, I couldn’t ignore it any longer and it became more than an occasional thing, it became a way of life. I started out writing and publishing non-fiction locally and kept working on the fiction all the while. It took ten years of writing and learning about writing, before I published the first book.

Isn’t it funny how the writing bug bites you to get working on those budding ideas we all have. I see that you have been published in print and epublished. Do you have any advice for newer writers out there?

Keep writing. Think writing. Do writing. Every single day. Make it a lifestyle. Finish the manuscript, polish it up as pretty as you can, and market it. Then start the next one. Most of all, don’t give up.

Easier said than done, but you are proof that it can be done. I am hoping to enter print in the near future. I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN…
In three words, tell us how your best friend would describe you.

Creative. Witty. Smart.

Hum, those are all polite ways to say opinionated and troublesome—I would know since my friends describe me in much the same terms. Hey, we witty and smart women have to stick together and shine.
Moving on to one of my favorite questions…What do your heroes wear underneath their trousers, faded jeans, or leather pants?

Oh, boxers. Of course! Unless it’s nothing at all.

I agree. Although, I think nothing at all takes away from the suspense. LOL
What genres do you write? Do you have one that is your favorite to read or write? I am a lover of Sci-fi movies, but the writing and reading it is a whole different ballpark.

My friend Jan Scarbrough used to say, “Maddie, focus! Find one genre and stick to it!” I think she’s given up on me and frankly, it’s difficult to pin me down. I write time-travel with a hint of suspense and paranormal and oh, a little erotica thrown in there (how is that for a sub-genre?) I also write romantic suspense, contemporary romance, and erotica. I’ve just come out of the closet with a new pen name for my erotica—Mia Jae. You can read more about her at

I think the technical term for women like us who float around the genre and subgenres to write whatever comes to mind is genre whore. LOL

Here is a fun question, who is your Favorite and Least Favorite Hollywood Actor/Actress?

My new favorite actor is Nathan Fillion. Sigh. Have you seen him on Castle? ABC, Monday evenings. 9 p.m. Don’t miss it.

Did you see him in Firefly or Serenity? Yummy! I love him as a thieving scoundrel. Honey, I will be watching his new show as faithfully as possible—darn my day job.

As far as actress, I’m a huge Sandra Bullock fan, and Julia Roberts, as well.

Can’t argue with them. They are each fabulous and seem like genuine people, unlike so many in the spotlight. I hate to end this, but why don’t you tell us where we can find you lurking online?

Oh heck. I’m usually bantering about with my SisterWriters (my critique and writing partners) on our own little loop. We also banter about on our SisterWriter blog, I check in with a few reader loops now and again. I blog (semi) regularly at my own blog, Life, Unedited, and I also blog once a month on the Resplendence Publishing blogsite.
I also have my own yahoogroup, too. Feel free to join us at Oh, and I’m always a LOL

Thanks so much, Ava!

You are more than welcome. It was a pleasure having you and I wish you many more sales in the future Maddie!

The Matchmaking Chef series, Perfectly Matched, Available Now!
See Mia Jae’s Nice & Naughty at
Check out my Examiner page at

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I am personally sick and tired of irresponsible people. They are the reason that so many of us are out of jobs. The reason so many people who work actually make less than the ignorant (meaning lacking knowledge) individuals who are no good at any profession except sloth (and baby making--more welfare money in that don't you know).

This my "Soooo sick and feed up!" moment.

All of you know my usual sarcastic and smiling demeanor. But I am feed up with irresponsible individuals making decisions that ultimately affect every part of my life. Financially, most of us will never have the chance to recover from the nonsensical decisions made by a few with their own interests. Why the hell should my tax money go to better the lives of people who have never paid taxes and completely inept of any discernible skill?

"Here, please take the money that could pay off debt, and fund more welfare. I mean if we are all on welfare, then we have appropriately socialized and degraded our self worth down into the level of learned helplessness that will support the current idiotic beliefs of this blatantly wasteful system."

I think I'll move to Australia.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jeanne St. James Stops By...

Welcome Jeanne St. James! So tell us about you? I want the full abbreviated story.

I have been writing for over 25 years. I started when I was about 13 years old. Over my high school years I wrote my first novel, a young adult novel, that was pretty raw about a young girl growing up in a gang. That manuscript was left behind in my ex-husband’s attic. He can keep it.

I have been published in Playgirl though.

I only started submitting my stories to publishers a few months ago. I procrastinated big time. However, the publishing world has definitely changed over those 25 years and epubs are more open to new writers.

Playgirl? Interesting. So where and what do you have published?

In 2006, I had a short erotic story published in Playgirl. That story, along with another erotic short, can be found on my website ( under the Free Reads page. They are not my typical stories because one: they are in first person (I usually write in 3rd person) and two: they are erotica and not romance (no HEA ending). It’s entitled “The Hot Ride” and the other one is “Dirty Laundry.”

In addition, I posted a third story called “Disturbed in the Suburbs,” which is a short story about a psycho teen. It’s not romance at all, but was just a fun writing exercise and very out of character for me.

As for romance, I have two separate manuscripts out with publishers and am waiting to hear from both of them.

I hate waiting--it is the bane of my writing existence (she says with four works out to publishers right now). Moving on to a more enjpyable subject....

I have to know, what does your hero wear beneath his faded jeans?

He definitely doesn’t go commando. I love a man who can fill out a boxer brief. My heroes all wear them. No bikinis, no boxers, no plain briefs.

A boxer breif is especially nice at times, but a few of my heros wear kilts--no boxer breifs in fourteenth century Scotland for them. LOL.

How about your favorite genre in writing?

I love to write contemporary erotic romance. I usually write m/f, but recently finished an interracial ménage a trois (m/m/f) and just started a short m/m erotic romance. I really enjoyed writing the ménage and plan to write more. I love to write about men in uniform, usually ones that carry a badge. But my current work in progress and my ménage include men in a different kind of uniform: an NFL football uniform. I have a thing about football. I’m a huge (HUGE) Steelers fan.

I also have two different paranormal story ideas. I am only fleshing them out now. Let me just say this: they aren’t about vampires or werewolves.

That all sounds great. Roethlisberger is swiftly becoming one of my favorite players. His ass in spandex ain't bad either. ; )

What are your plans for 2009? Any exciting developments or wonderful adventures in the works?

Croco Design has just redesigned my website and MySpace page, so that’s new for 2009. I’d like to get contracts on the two manuscripts that are already submitted. And I just plan on writing, writing, writing, along with doing whatever I can to improve my craft. I am also looking for some part-time editing positions so I can really get my hands dirty in the world of publishing.

I’ll also be attending the RWA National in Washington, D.C., in July.

Oh, and I’m getting married on the beach in St. Lucia in October. I guess I shouldn’t forget that! (BTW, my fiancé carries a badge, too, like my alphas usually do)

Wow that is exciting. And what a coincidence, my husband is police officer as well. Enough about the men though, tell us something interesting that we would never guess about you?

Hmm. You want my secrets? I can’t share them all with you. But, let’s see… Jeanne St. James is my pen name, which is a morphing of my own name and my fiancé’s name. I work full-time as an emergency dispatcher. I have my both my A.A. and B.S. in Criminal Justice and have had extensive law enforcement training.

That's very cool! So before we end this interview how about some shameless links. Where in the wide world of the web can we find you?

All over. I live on the ‘net. I just launched my newly redesigned website at Also, you can find me on Facebook and MySpace. I have a blog: The Ranting & Ravings of Jeanne St. James and I love to Twitter (it’s addicting): Jeanne's All a Twitter. And there’s more but too many to list.
You’ll also find me on various writers’ loops and forums. Come say “hi!”

Will do! And thank you soo much for being a fellow James author on my blog!

Below for your reading enjoyment is an excerpt from Ms. Jeanne St. James.

Excerpt of Banged Up by Jeanne James

Relief flooded over Mace Walker as he twisted the key in the lock, gave the front door a shove, and stepped over the threshold. Finally home. About time.
Time to heal.
The foyer was dark, but he didn’t need to hit the light switch. Even being gone for as long as he had been, he still knew the house well enough. He made his way to the stairs and set down his bags. Those two small duffels didn’t hold much evidence of his life for the past couple of years. Just some toiletries and a few basic items of clothes.
As he straightened, the foyer lit up, blinding him for a second. He blinked as a young voice rang out from the top of the steps.
“Hold it right there! Put your arms up and back away from the stairs.”
What the fuck?
Mace had expected to see his sister bounding down the stairway of his two-story colonial, excited after not seeing her brother for the past two years. Actually more like one year, eleven months, and fifteen days. Not that he was counting. But instead he stared up into the deadly eye of a Glock. And from his viewpoint it looked like a model 23, a .40 caliber. A compact, but still a decent sized, gun in a very small, very uneasy hand. Instantly, the hairs on the back of his neck rose.
Damn. He'd dealt with crime bosses and their flunkies -- from drug to porno rings -- and had managed to survive. Now he was going to be killed by some measly punk he surprised while burglarizing his house? The cruel irony made him want to laugh.
Instead, he did as he was instructed. With caution he raised his hands above his head before stepping back toward the middle of the foyer. He avoided standing directly under the light, trying to get a better view of the top of the steps. But he didn’t have much success; the upstairs hallway and the upper section of the stairway were hidden in shadows.
If he played his cards right, this little situation would be under his control in no time at all. He just had to keep the kid calm and make the skinny punk believe that he was the one in command. From experience Mace knew the Glock didn't have a conventional safety. All the kid had to do was pull the trigger and pull it again and again until all the rounds in the clip emptied into Mace’s body. And from what he could see in the limited light, the kid's fingers were twitching from nervousness.
Not a good sign.
Where had a young punk gotten an expensive handgun like that? It certainly hadn’t been in the house. And if it had been it would have been locked up in the gun safe.
If only he could see the boy's face. He needed to see the eyes. Mace couldn't even begin to predict what the kid would do without seeing his eyes.
“Don't you dare move or I'll blow your face off!” The kids’ voice raised an octave, making him sound more and more like… a girl.
Tension ran through Mace’s body as the boy started down the steps. At first he could see bare toes, then one slim calf, then another. His eyes flicked to the gun, then returned to the shapely naked thighs that couldn't belong to a kid – no way. Especially not a boy. Those smooth legs definitely belonged to a woman. And he couldn't wait to see the rest of her. So far, the view almost made it worth being held at gunpoint.
He was disappointed when an oversized t-shirt – shit, was that Marmaduke on it? -- blocked his view of creamy flesh. His arms were tired, his leg throbbed painfully, and his patience was wearing thin. But he still wasn't going to move, since he had no idea who this woman was descending the stairs. His curiosity piqued when she stepped down into the light, which highlighted her long, curly red hair and made her wide, green – glaring -- eyes sparkle and snap.
A twitch shot through his lower stomach and landed in his groin. Fear or pain didn’t make him suck in his breath. It was her unrestricted breasts bobbing under the cotton shirt with each step she took. Her nipples stood out like two beacons under the worn cotton. Jesus.
He had to clear his throat twice before he could ask her, “Are you robbing this house, dressed like that?”

Jeanne St. James
erotic romance writer

My Website (ALL NEW ~~ Check it out!)
My MySpace Page
My Facebook Page
On Twitter

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reviewer Interview with Dianna Fryer

Thank you Debra Fryer, reviewer, reader, and Castle In The Sky Yahoo Group member.
So let's get this interview rolling. You are not an author, but you are a reviewer. Where do you review, and how did you come to be a reviewer? What's the best part of reviewing? (The free books Ava says nudging)

Night Owl Romance @ Manic Readers
The best part of reviewing...getting books before they are available to the public!

What is the one thing that makes you go, "Oh please!" Is there one phrase that you really are just sick of? Some tired cliche that you wish would die a terrible literary death? Mine--whatever. That word was bog for far too long, we are no longer Clueless.

There isn't one specific, it is more when any phrase or such is either misused or over used in a spacific area..I have to watch myself that I do not keep repeating myself in my comments lol

Then I am much more picky as a reviewer than you. I review for Dark Divas by the way.
Enough about me, next question. Who is your all time favorite author, the one that you would read over and over again. You know you have one book on your shelf with well worn corners and a cracked spine.

There are several actually that I just have to have everything they own, and read them over and over. Thinks hard *Please ignore the smoke smell* I give up there are about 6 or so that I just read no matter what but when push comes to shove my answer is Laurell K Hamilton

Alright, for the next few this is our rapid fire round.
Which do you prefer?

Blonde or Brunette Heros Red heads lol

Bold or Timid Heroines Bold
Imagine that, I agree. What good is a damsel in distress? You have to be a damsel in distress with purpose, and some hip swaying. LOL

Happily Ever After or Happy for Now HEA

Red Corvette or Red pick-up Truck Silverado preferably lol

Chinese Food or Mexican depends on my mood

Men in Uniform or Men in Wranglers Wranglers as long as they fit as they should

Margarita or Martini Pina Colada lol
~ Alright, I feel link breaking out into song--oh wait, my playlist has this one on for you now!

Last One, and it's quick like a band aid. You are cast in a movie as the leading lady, what type of movie is it, and who should be cast as your hero?

a romantic comedy...can I have either Rob Pattinson, Orlando Bloom, or Leonardo DeCaprio lol. If I am getting a HEA myself it would definately be one of them...

There you go, even though Pirates of the Carribean is not the HEA romantic comedy that you are looking to star in, I think somewhere in his contract it should be mandatory that he appear half naked and wet. This man's for you Dianna!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kingdom Of Arnhem Book I: Woman of Honor


Aislinn of Bairbhe dreams of becoming a lady knight to honor the death of her fallen brother. To her mother's horror, King Patrick grants Aislinn's wish and she begins her long years of training.
Despite the mockery of the other pages, and the disdain of Prince Caelan who also trains to be a knight, Aislinn commits herself to her dreams and embarks on a journey of self-discovery and bravery. Through the years, Aislinn and Caelan grow from sparing classmates to good friends. They both know that someday Caelan will marry for the sake of the kingdom, but even that cannot keep them from falling in love.

The threat of war with the Speicans is a constant threat, and one that grows more frightening as she and Caelan train toward their eventual knighthood. Aislinn has committed herself to serving Arnhem, and has promised herself as King's Champion when Caelan claims the throne. She is willing to give up everything... her childhood, her life, even her heart for Arnhem. No matter the pain it brings.


Caelan looked down at their hands, turning hers over so his fingertips could brush her palm. A shiver ran down Aislinn’s spine and her cheeks bloomed hot. She knew the effect of his touch had to be evident to him, but felt no embarrassment because it was clear that he was not unaffected. Caelan drew in a long, deep breath and folded his hand over hers.

“I have been trying to save myself.”

“From what?” Aislinn bit her lower lip to stop herself from speaking further. All she’d done was ask him questions.

“Aislinn,” he said softly, and his eyes slid for a moment to look at the bookshelf where they had kissed. “Do you remember our kiss?”

She blushed. “Yes. Of course.”

“I wanted you very badly then. But you weren’t ready to be with me or anyone else.”


He leaned a little closer so their faces were only inches apart. In this part of the library, the way they sat, no one would see them unless they intentionally approached the table. It was late and the library was nearly empty, so Aislinn doubted they would need to explain to anyone why the crown prince and would-be lady knight sat so close together.

“Are you ready now, Aislinn?”

Aislinn closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath. She thought about Catherina, about how much she loved the little girl, about how cruel the world had been to the child. She thought about her parents, about how happy they were, about the love they shared. And she thought about all the times she’d spent with Caelan since coming to the castle. She’d despised him once, but now she couldn’t picture her days without him. She smiled when he came into a room, and she looked forward to dinner just so they could talk. Her heart nearly broke whenever she thought of all the times he’d been hurt, or could have died. Not because he was the prince and would someday rule the kingdom, but because he was Caelan.

She opened her eyes to find him still watching her, waiting for her answer.

“Yes,” she whispered.

Caelan smiled, but the smile didn’t quite reach his sapphire eyes. He raised his hand and laid the back of his fingers against her cheek. His skin was warm and Aislinn leaned into the touch. Caelan turned his hand and laid his palm against her cheek, his thumb brushing her lip. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the soft, gentle touch.

“Nothing will save me now,” he said softly — so softly she almost didn’t hear him — before he moved closer and touched his lips to hers.

Nicole Zoltack

Friday, March 27, 2009

Okay, I have been very lax in my posting b/c my muse has had me writing on this new Western set in Dawson City Alaska c. 1899. See what you think of their first kiss.

Unedited Excerpt:

“Good Evening, Mr. Duke.” Reginald Everett replied when Carolina should have.
Speak up, woman!

“I’m sorry Mr. Duke, evening.” Her gaze fixed on the handsome man beside her.

“I thought I’d join the two of you.” He pulled a chair from the table behind him and scooted it in with a loud screech.

What was he doing here?

“Mr. Duke, I—”

“Now Carolina, we are business partners, call me Clayton.” He smiled and she caught the undercurrent of anger in his voice.

“Clayton, I am not sure that Mr. Everett and I would like you here.”

“Nonsense,” He patted Reginald hard on the shoulder, causing the man to lean forward with the force. “You don’t mind, do you Reggie?” The tense set of his lips and the near growl that came across proved all the more that Clayton was mad.

“No—no, you are welcome to stay Mr. Duke.” Reginald wiped his mouth with his napkin and brought a shaky hand to his wine glass.

“See Carolina, I am more than welcome.” He turned to her and smirked.

He grabbed her glass and took a sip of the rich red wine. A single drop of the liquor hung on his lip and glistened before his tongue swept out to catch it. His gaze fixed on her and her entire body flushed with the heat of him.

Clayton looked around the room and snapped his fingers, “Can I get an extra glass and a plate over here.” He motioned with his hand to signal to their table. Oh, these were the Alaskan manners she was used to.

“On second thought, could you please bring him a trough?” Two could play at his game.

“Carolina, thank you for thinking of my needs, but a plate will serve me well enough.” His smile widened and she wanted to slap him. Clayton leaned close to her and reached for a napkin. “Nice dress.” He commented and proceeded to place the cloth in his lap. Someone brought a plate and glass to the table, and Clayton thanked the unknown man.

“Don’t you think you’d be happier at Juniper Sky?” She asked.

“Funny you should mention our little saloon. I stopped by there with the intent of asking you to dinner, and now here I am. You know, the other night, after I rang Mr. Rich Piss’s bell, no offense,” He turned to Mr. Everett, who sat wide eyed. “We had such an amorous discussion that I thought we could finish it tonight. That is, if you are well enough.”

Carolina rose from her chair and slapped him. She snatched her shawl up in a flourish and stomped out of the stunned silent room.

How could he have said that!

There was no way that she could stay in the room for one more moment. Clayton Duke was the most vile man of her acquaintance! He was a toad, a slimy swamp toad, a wolf in a handsome man’s clothing! “Men!” She grumbled and stomped down the wooden planked walkway.

“Carolina.” Clayton called from behind her.

“Leave me alone Clayton Duke!” She screamed and glared at him from over her shoulder. She pulled her shawl tight around her shoulder when a lone snowflake feel onto her exposed skin. How could it be snowing? This was May! Did nothing make sense in this damned state?
More flakes fell before her, but she ignored them.

“Carolina, wait, I—”

She’d had enough, and it was high time someone knew it. She stopped dead and wheeled around to unleash her venom. “You what, Clayton? You’re sorry? Right! That’s like saying you are a gentleman. No, you come in all ‘piss and pomp’ ready to ruin everything I have. Can’t you leave me be?” She stomped closer to him and poked her index finger at his chest. “Why can’t you and Big Beth be happy in your pig-headed behavior picking on someone else, hum?” She leaned up into his face and bit her lip. The scent of his cologne caught her attention. He smelled of fresh linens, leather, and sage. Why did he have to smell soo good? “I hate you!” She muttered and her gaze fixed on his parted lips.

Then, he did the unexpected and long over due thing—he kissed her.

Clayton wrapped one strong arm around her tense body and took her lips in a passionate kiss that curled her toes. His warm lips massaged hers and she found herself opening to him. Her once accusing fingers slid up his shirt to twine into his hair.

He bent down and held her suspended in his arms, her knees wobbly from the rush of sensations that flooded her system. Cold snowflakes fell on her cheeks and his heated breath chased the chill away. His tongue thrust into her mouth and she pulled him tight to her. She was lost in beautiful hatred.

He pulled back and looked down into her face, his gaze hooded and hot. “I hate you too.”

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Did you know that Ava is a qaurter century old today?

Well now you do, consider yourself warned!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And The Newest Dark Diva is...ME!!!

I am excited to join this great group of reviewers and cannot wait to get reviewing! My first review was posted today. You can check it out at this link

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Firday the Thirteenth!

Figured I'd bring an old crone out to wreak havoc on you all. Enjoy!

A tale of two Tristans with everything to lose and even more to gain.

When young Tristan wanders off into the woods, he meets a vicious Bean Nighe who has a proposition for him. He must answer her query correctly or lose his head.

Tristan Gippeswich is dying, betrayed by his king. He meets the most beguiling woman, but can he hold onto her?

Genre: FantasyBook Length: MiniPrice: $1.99
Link below:


Summer of 1647
Woods near Castle Lachlan , Scotland

“Ah, I thought I heard someone comin’ up me path,” an old woman called over her shoulder.
Gnarled hands lifted a soiled linen garment from the waters of the brook. Water dripped red beneath her fingers as she tried to wash away the blood. She stood before the fjord, a basket at her feet. Gray hair, long and coarse, sat high atop her head in a loose bun. Her back hunched beneath her faded moss green gown and looked painful in its disfigurement.

Tristan stopped cold in mid-step.

“Come ‘n’ sit, child.” The crone beckoned him with her crooked finger.

He did as she bade. No mere human could outrun magic, and he wasn’t stupid enough to try. Thus, he sat down on a stump an arm’s length away from her basket of soiled clothes.
The coppery scent of blood hit his nostrils and filled his lungs. Bile rose in his throat. He gagged on the rising vomit, and his stomach revolted. Fear cemented him in place. He raised his sleeve to his face to lessen the stench.

The crone laughed, draped the wet garment over a tree branch, and shook the water from her hands. She turned around and squinted at him. Her shrewd gaze roamed over him before she hobbled to another tree stump that he would swear appeared out of nowhere.

The Bean Nighe sat down on the stump, her knees cracking with age. A sigh escaped her elderly lips. “Tis much better to sit.”

Only one tooth remained in her mouth. It jutted outward from her lower jaw. He caught her disapproving eye and realized he stared.

“Tell me, lad, what do they call ye?”

He lowered his sleeve from his face. “Tristan.”

“Tristan? Tristan. Oh, known many a Tristans, I have.”

She crossed her arms over her chest and eyed him once more. Her speculative gaze made him sit up straighter. “Do ye fear me, boy?”

He debated on his answer for a moment and wondered if her question could be a trick. If he said no, would she turn him into a newt?

“Yes,” he said, his voice weak, honest.

“Good, ye should be afeared, laddie. Carelessness walkin’ about the woods not mindin’ where ye get yerself off to. A lad could lose his head doin’ such foolery.”

His stomach fell between his knees at her insinuation, and he gulped audibly.

“Tristan, let me tell ye a tale.” She paused for a long moment. Her speculative gaze narrowed on him, and he squirmed. “After me tale is done, all ye need do is answer one question and ye can go.”

“With my head?”

“With yer head.” She pointed a crooked finger and added, “If ye answer correctly.”

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


YAHOO News...

NEW YORK – On buttons, posters and Web sites, the image was everywhere during last year's presidential campaign: A pensive Barack Obama looking upward, as if to the future, splashed in a Warholesque red, white and blue and underlined with the caption HOPE.
Designed by Shepard Fairey, a Los-Angeles based street artist, the image has led to sales of hundreds of thousands of posters and stickers, has become so much in demand that copies signed by Fairey have been purchased for thousands of dollars on eBay.
The image, Fairey has acknowledged, is based on an Associated Press photograph, taken in April 2006 by Manny Garcia on assignment for the AP at the National Press Club in Washington.
The AP says it owns the copyright, and wants credit and compensation. Fairey disagrees.
"The Associated Press has determined that the photograph used in the poster is an AP photo and that its use required permission," the AP's director of media relations, Paul Colford, said in a statement.
"AP safeguards its assets and looks at these events on a case-by-case basis. We have reached out to Mr. Fairey's attorney and are in discussions. We hope for an amicable solution."
"We believe fair use protects Shepard's right to do what he did here," says Fairey's attorney, Anthony Falzone, executive director of the Fair Use Project at Stanford University and a lecturer at the Stanford Law School. "It wouldn't be appropriate to comment beyond that at this time because we are in discussions about this with the AP."
Fair use is a legal concept that allows exceptions to copyright law, based on, among other factors, how much of the original is used, what the new work is used for and how the original is affected by the new work.
A longtime rebel with a history of breaking rules, Fairey has said he found the photograph using Google Images. He released the image on his Web site shortly after he created it, in early 2008, and made thousands of posters for the street.
As it caught on, supporters began downloading the image and distributing it at campaign events, while blogs and other Internet sites picked it up. Fairey has said that he did not receive any of the money raised.
A former Obama campaign official said they were well aware of the image based on the picture taken by Garcia, a temporary hire no longer with the AP, but never licensed it or used it officially. The Obama official asked not to be identified because no one was authorized anymore to speak on behalf of the campaign.
The image's fame did not end with the election.
It will be included this month at a Fairey exhibit at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston and a mixed-media stenciled collage version has been added to the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington.
SO Now my concern, regardless of you stand on Obama, is that if a cartoonist can draw a political satire based on Obama, and used AP images for research--Are they all to be sued? This is extreme. I AM AN ARTIST AT HEART. I paint, I draw, I write. Can I no longer Google pictures for inspiration because some jack ass wants a kick back if I make a dime. Screw you socialist America. Any time anyone prospers you want a percentage to redistribute to the worthless, while my profit from my creativity and hardwork dwindles?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Royal Cargo

by Ava James
Kidnapped on her wedding day, Princess Priya of Caethern has more to worry about than her unwanted groom. The fact that she is taken by a disgusting creature, stripped of her formal attire, and caged, doesn’t sit well either. When she is rescued by a rugged marauder, who is everything her world is not, and all that she wishes she could have, Priya is faced with more danger than any enemy could present.
Hector gets more than he bargains for when he steals one too many freighters from the enemy. The last thing he expected to find was a stolen princess. Traversing through the universe, fleeing multiple enemies, new dangers meet them at every turn. And in the end, the greatest peril may be letting go.

Genre: Science Fiction

Rating: Tangy

Book Length: Novella

Price: $3.99

Other Freya's Bower books available by this author:
The Eagle at Midnight
The Christmas Cat
One Touch, One Glance: Sweet Anthology story

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thanks Ginger!

Big thanks to Ginger Simpson for allowing me to guest blog on her blogger!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Eagle At Midnight

The Eagle at Midnight

by Ava James

For Deryn Philips life has hit a record low. After losing her parents in a car crash, she follows their last request and takes a trip to Wales. But this is no ordinary trip, and there is more to her new mysterious male friend than she can believe. Then again, if you are in a medieval castle in a foreign country, what’s wrong with meeting a knight in shining Armani?

Genre: Fantasy/Contemporary/Gods/Goddesses

Rating: Tangy

Book Length: Short Story

Price: $2.99

"An absolutely fantastic, up-beat tale that brings the idea of gods still existing to the fore... Excellent fun!"
Five Flutes by Lovely Butterfly, Cocktail ReviewsRead entire review.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Writing Issues

Or should I say not writing issues? To write or not to write--is that really a question?

It shouldn't be, but my brain says, "Write what? Are you kidding me? We are working two jobs already and you want me to write something completely creative and original. Right lady, dream on."

So since my brain refuses to cooperate, I will try to make a blog entry over at Ginger Simpson's for this week.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A New Series For A New Year

Over the holidays I started a new series entitled, The Ride Along Policy, about police officers and their love lives. There are female and male officiers, some sweet, some naughty. I wrote 6k words yesterday on a naughtier couple of SWAT team members.

If you are interested in men and women in uniform, read my free read at Freya's Bower, The Christmas Cat,

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Celebrity Collage

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

Click the above link to see which celebs I suppossedly resemble. My husband got a kick out of it!

It's very easy to do one for yourself. Check it out.