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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Spicy Author Jenny Gilliam's Interview

Ava: Welcome Jenny!
You have quiet a few books out and I was wondering, what is your favorite type of character to write? Do you love embracing the dark side with your villians or are you all about the delicious knight in shinning armor type?

Jenny: For heroes, I love to write about tortured men who are redeemed by their women. As for the heroines, I love flawed but strong ones who come about their self-discovery in my books.Ava: If I had never read any of your books, which book should I read and why?Jenny: I would recommend UNDER MY SKIN, my latest release, since it's by far my best. It's a romantic suspense, very edgy, very sexy. Love it! (PS- You can buy it at LOL

Ava: That sounds like a great adition to my Christmas Wish List!

What is the one thing you strive for in your writing? Is there one emotion that you want your readers to experience while reading one of your stories?

Jenny: I want my readers to go through the emotions I went through writing the book. I want them to laugh, cry, get angry. I want it all.

Ava: Don't we all? I completely understand that sentiment.
Monty Python Question Round--What is your quest?

Jenny: My current quest is to go into any given bookstore and find my books on the shelves. By doing this, I plan to start writing under a pen name (Piper Foxx), writing erotic romance and other contemporary romances. I'm halfway through my brand-spankin-new erotic romance, and I plan to get an agent and sell to New York in print. I also plan to continue writing with e-publishing as well. The ultimate goal is to be on the New York Times Best Seller List.

Ava: I wish you lots of success. I think all of us authors share your quest.
What is your favorite color?

Jenny:Purple is the greatest color ever created.

Ava: Who said, "What about the R.O.U.S's?"

Jenny: I'm going to be frank: I have no freakin' clue, my dear!

Ava: LOL, I through you a curve ball there--sorry. Have you seen The Princess Bride? Princess Buttercup says it to Wesley. See, I am a complete 80's child, LOL.

Okay, off topic again--where is the one place you would love to go and have never been?Jenny: Ireland--the land of my ancestors. Just those stone buildings, verdant history, and rolling green hills call to me like nothing else. I'm kinda weirded out by the whole driving on the wrong side of the road, though.

Ava: Funny you should mention that, my leading lady in The Eagle At Midnight has one of those expereinces.
What character, from your stories, most resembles you--not necessarily physically.

Jenny: Lucy Hollister, from my second novel, LETTING LUCE. She's a smart-ass, sarcastic, and has self-image issues. Loved writing that novel! (PS (again)- You can by LETTING LUCE at Thanks for stopping by, and please tell us where we can find you out here in cyberspace.Jenny: Are you ready?

Ava: Hit me with your best shot.

Jenny: (Just redesigned--stop by!)

Thanks for having me!

JennyJenny Gilliam

~ Spicy Romance with a Dash of HumorTHE TRUTH ABOUT ROXY, Coming November 7, 2008 from The Wild Rose Press!

UNDER MY SKIN, Coming November 28th, 2008 from Amira Press!

LETTING LUCE, Now Available from Amira Press!

THE WEDDING WAR, Now Available in digital AND print from The Wild Rose Press!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Alpha Males Who Rock!!!

Llaw ~ The Eagle At Midnight

Who wouldn't want a knight in shinning Armani to knock their socks off? There's nothing wrong with having a golden god between your thighs.

Available Dec 2nd

Injured, this guy is playing possum to keep the cute American nurse at his bedside. But can he conceal his rising interest when she administers his daily sponge bath?
Coming Dec 9th to Freya's Bower

Hector~ Royal Cargo

A marauding werewolf with a passion for excess! Join him in my upcoming release, Royal Cargo, as he romances his stolen princess.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Eagle at Midnight Releases Tomorrow!!!!

Please join me in my over exhuberance for my first release!

Cocktail Reviews called it, "An absolutely fantastic, up-beat tale that brings the idea of gods still existing to the fore—and Ms. James makes it entirely believable. Excellent fun!"

5 Flutes!!!!!