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Clayton Bye In The Blog-Spotlight

What genre do you categorize your books in? Several authors tend to blur the lines when they write books, and I myself cannot seem to stay true to one genre.
I write in many genres. I have published 4 self-help books, 1 anthology of inspirational articles, 1 business text book and 1 dark fantasy novel. I also write fiction and non-fiction short stories, poetry and book/author reviews. The articles blur the lines because they focus on my 10 years of travel throughout Canada. So does the fantasy novel; it has aspects of adventure, romance, even religion. Do you have a new book out, if so we’d love to hear about it.I have a new fantasy novel in the works. It’s called TechnoMage and is a sequel to my previous novel, The Sorcerer’s Key. Approximately 10,000 words of the first draft of TechnoMage have been posted at This is a Harper Collins competition site. Anyone can read the excerpt and comment on it.
Congratulations on your success as an author. How many books do you have in print now? Which is your favorite?
Thank you. Of the 7 books I have in print, my favourite is The Sorcerer’s Key.
What do you love about your editor (or publisher)?
Um, I break all the rules. I’m my own editor and publisher. Have been since 1994. There’s just myself and the printer I contract. I tried hiring editors and proof readers but they couldn’t keep up with my publishing schedule.
Speaking of schedules...What does your writing schedule look like? Are you a morning writer? A night owl?
I’ve always written whenever I’m not working or spending time with my family. That used to be in the evenings and on weekends. Now, since I’ve been retired by a disability, it’s whenever my condition allows - usually small pieces of time throughout the day and evening.
Do you have a writer’s cave?
I used to have a writer’s cave. My wife now owns it. She’s not here to say yea or nay. I can’t sit in a chair anymore; my legs need to be stretched out. I write on my laptop computer on whatever couch or bed is available in the house.
In reading your bio, I saw that you are a man of many hats. How do you balance it all?
Balance? That’s a good one. I live and breathe writing and entrepreneurship. They’re the only things that keep me going. I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis (can’t walk more than a block) and unstable Bipolar Disorder.On a more useful line of discourse, I’ve always followed a simple philosophy. You make a list of things you want or need to accomplish in a day, beginning with the most difficult and most urgent, then continue on until the day is done. Anything left is put aside until the next day - without thought or remorse. You won’t get more done using any other method, and this one allows you to go to bed satisfied with what you did accomplish. It also allows for balance, as long as you build family and recreational goals into the list. I never complete my list, by the way. There’s more work to do than my lifetime will allow.
That philosophy is a wonderful way to appraoch life in general. What is your next project?
I have six:
1. I’m working on a North American email campaign to contact every bookstore, library, university, high school and book club.
2. I devote part of each day to internet networking.
3. I’ve just hired on as Horror Editor at
4. I write reviews for
5. I want to put together a book of short stories
6. I also want to write a book of poetry
Do you have any writing rituals? I find myself in a John Mayer and 80's music mode (yes, they are not good bed mates and make for a very odd mixture of music). Do you have a go to song of the moment to help keep the momentum going when you work, or a particular quirk?
Nope. If my concentration is good, I have a mixture of several hundred songs on my laptop that I set to play randomly. On days where concentration is lacking, I write in as much silence as I can find. I particularly like Louis L’Amour’s writing comment... “I could sit in the middle of Sunset Boulevard and write with my typewriter on my knees; temperamental I am not.” That’s what I strive for.
Today, writers need not only write great books, but be great promoters of their books, and their name as a brand too. What kinds of things do you do?
I used to talk books to every person I came into contact with. Now that I’m confined to my home most of the time, I do the same thing on the internet. I’ve been running my internet campaign for about 6 weeks now, and I already have over 50 sites that I actively promote myself on. These include blogs, online stores, my own website(s), even places like twitter. I also send out a couple of hundred promotional emails every week. I’ve submitted my main website to a few thousand search engines, have begun to post reviews on places like Amazon and Chapters. And I always use my own name and/or mention at least one of my books or websites in any kind of communication. Oh yeah, I constantly prompt people for testimonials. I know this industry is big on reviews, but I believe whole heartedly in comments from people who have spent money to read my work.
What else would you like to tell us?
The most useful thing I can tell any writer is to never forget that writing is writing and business is business. They’re two different things that you must do equally well.
As for your readers?
Buy my books. You won’t be disappointed.
Thanks to Clayton Bye and don't forget to visit his site!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Welcome Raine Delight to the Blog

Let it Raine!

Today I am welcoming Raine Delight to the blog for an interview, so let's get started! Tell us a little about yourself. What corner of the world are you writing from or what are you writing on now?

Officially my bio says that I am a mom of two, have a boy toy of my own for the last three years, yada yada yada but unofficially here is my bio:

Slightly nuts, I am a harried mom of two kids, a cougar woman with my very own boy toy of three years J and I am slowly going insane by the voices in my head. My muse is a hard task master who seems to slip off to sip mai tais on a beach while I whine and mutter as I try to finish a manuscript.

I live in Western NY where the seasons change and the weather is as volatile as my characters. I love to read and have an extensive library of my own though honey seems to cringe when I say I need more bookcases. LOL I love hiking in the summer with the kids and honey, movie night and long walks. I spent my 20’s running around down south from one job or another and have worked and lived in the Grand Canyon for a season.

I am currently working on several projects and planning future ones as well. I seem to like utter chaos when I write and need music while I write.

What is in the queue right now for future projects?

My first M/M Cowboy story for a new publisher (Christmas theme)
Falling to Pieces (Paranormal Romantic Comedy)
A Halloween Short for another new publisher
Space Pirates 1: Bounty (Futuristic Erotic Ménage)
Club Fantasy Series (Paranormal Erotic Ménage)

Do you have a favorite among your books or a favorite character? Why?

A favorite? Nope not really. I love each and every one of my characters though I find myself loving it when the women are really spunky and keep the men off kilter. Makes them work for their hearts!

Congratulations on your success as an author. How many books do you have in ebooks now?

All my books are in electronic format but I am hopeful on several projects that may go into print in the future.

Currently I have these available from Aspen Mountain Press (
Devon Falls series:
Sticky Magic (Can be found in the Babes in Toyland II anthology)
Red Hot Magic
Fiery Magic

Stand alone title:
Fairy Kisses and Magical Dreams

My editor has the next Devon Falls series book, Haunting Magic, in her hands so I am awaiting word on that one plus I am currently working on several different submissions for a few other places.

All my books can be found at the following places:
Aspen Mountain Press-
Fiction wise:
All Romance e-Books:
Amazon Kindle:

What do you love about your editor (or publisher)?

I love my editor especially as she helps me try to get some problem areas smoothed out and forces me to see things from her point of view. Aspen Mountain Press is a great publisher with top notch talent. I love everyone there and have nothing but praise for them.

That's wonderful to hear! There are so many writers who cannot say the same :(

Having a great working relationship must help you in your creative process as well--having that support. I write whenever I can, an hour before bed, maybe a few hours in the middle of the day if I can. What does your writing schedule look like? Are you a morning writer? A night owl?

My writing schedule is a bit chaotic right now. I work PT in catering and spring/summer is my busy season. I try to write a little each day but some days my work at home gets priority. If I am on deadline, I throw on the headphones and pop in a cd and get to work. I am pretty good at that and if I get in the groove, I can get a lot done in a short amount of time.

I try to stay off the internet unless it is a preexisting appointment online in the evening as I try to spend time with honey and run around taking kids to dance classes and other activities. Weekends are specifically family time, errands and my DJ. I try to keep a balance but some days it is hard. *sighs*

DJ--Day Job. So now that we know that you do have another career, how do you balance the two?

I do have a DJ…well actually I do three DJ’s. I am glutton for punishment it seems. Balancing is a hard thing for me since they take precedent since they pay the bills. Some days I wonder if I am coming or going. J I try to make time and carve out a writing block time. But alas, sometimes real life comes down and bites you in the butt and tells you to get moving. Someday I wish I can write full time but until then, I carve out time a little each day.

I hear that. I think that the stress of trying to be everything to everyone and carrying on with your dream, while working a day job, is what really deters some authors. What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

Push the box, write whatever you think you might read and learn from others. Take free online seminars, read some writing books and keep writing. Let others beta read and pin point what may need attention and make sure you have a clean copy to send out to submission editors. Follow the rules on submitting and then keep going. Ask questions and talk to other more established authors. You can learn a lot from them.

Returning to the topic of your writing habits, Do you have any writing rituals? Like special music, times of the day, food quirks, etc?

Um…I need music of any kid, be it the radio or a CD playing. Sometimes something will spark something and it will be mentioned in the book like in Devon Falls books, Red Hot Magic and Fiery Magic. They both had a mention of what I was listening to by my characters.

Today, writers need not only write great books, but be great promoters of their books, too. What kinds of things do you do?

Well my business degree is getting a major workout. LOL I signed with Phoenix Rising Promotions to do most of my promotional work since I found it left me little time to be writing or meeting deadlines. I have a great promo manager named Katie who gets my excerpts out, sends out my flyers for contests or what is new with me. It helps take a big load off my shoulders since I can concentrate on writing and getting books into my editor. Plus she makes sure I am at my blog/loop chat dates as well. I can be a bit scatterbrained if I don’t get that reminder. *sigh*

Wow you sure are a busy lady. We are all multitaskers aren't we? LOL

If you could interview any of the characters in your books, which one would it be, and why? What shocking thing might that character say?

ooohhhh I would have to say Damien from my next project, Falling to pieces. He reminds me of Captain Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean and is very alpha male. More than likely he would want to know how much he misses eating normal foods and keeping his body parts from falling off. *grins*

Sounds interesting. You know Captain Jack looks appealing accept for those teeth :P Speaking of new materials, Can we have an excerpt from a recent release? I'm greedy for new reading materials and would love to have a peek!

My last release was back in November and is titled Fairy Kisses and Magical Dreams. Here is the blurb:
Prince Aryan has searched his world for the one woman that is his destined mate but has just about given up when he is led to the human world. Even though it is forbidden to fall in love with a human, he finds Skye Andrews completely delectable and wonders if she is his chosen love.
Skye Andrews has had it with men. After another disastrous date, her aunt gives her a love potion to try. With a magic spell and a mysterious face haunting her waking days, will Skye find the love she is looking for?
A Mini Excerpt for you as well.

Skye puttered around the bedroom, listening to the music box in the egg. She tried to relax but it was as if her body knew something or someone was coming to claim her, body and soul. She tried to puzzle out how she knew someone important was coming. It was like when she’d seen the face in the window at her aunt’s; she’d known he was her true love.
Silly woman. That was the stuff dreams and Disney movies were made of, not real life.
In a darkened corner of her room, a glowing light caught her attention. She watched as a stunning man magically appeared. Breathtakingly gorgeous, he exuded sex appeal to the core. Appreciation mingled with desire. He stood almost six feet tall, with a lean, whipcord body which made her feel faint with uncontrolled longing. His silvery blond hair was pulled back, and his eyes were the jade green of ancient oriental carvings. He was the most sensual man she’d ever beheld. High chiseled cheekbones, a strong chin with a dimple winking at her when he smiled. With a gasp, she recognized the face as the one she saw in her aunt’s window. It couldn’t be him. Was he her true love like the legend she was told by the shopkeeper?
When she finally allowed her gaze to move past the full lips which seemed to call to her, she drifted lower and saw strength in his muscular body. It was as if she’d watched a god come to life. She was a moth drawn to that ever dangerous flame; as her body couldn’t resist him. Shimmering blue pants seemed to have molded themselves onto his muscular legs.
Her eyes widened when she saw the bulge in his trousers. A blush heated her cheeks and she found herself wondering what his ass would look like out of those pants. Quirking an appreciative smile, she continued to scrutinize him, moving her gaze back to his face. Once again she was amazed at this fine specimen of a man.
You can buy it at the following places:
Buy links:
Aspen Mountain Press:
http://www.aspenmountainpress. com/paranormal/ romance/fairy- kisses-and- magical-dreams/ prod_181. html
Fictionwise Books: eBook76589.htm
All Romance e-Books:
http://www.allromanceebooks. com/product-fairykissesandma gicaldreams- 12186-144. html

What else would you like to tell us?

I love to have readers join my reader loop since this summer a HUGE contest is going on at my loop. Information can be found at my website and blog on the details. I also enjoy hearing from readers as well. J

You can find me at the following places:
My Space:
Raine’s Reader Loop:
My Newsletter/Special Announcement loop:
Email: rainedelight (without spaces)

Thank you to Ms. Delight, and be sure to join her group as well as read her books, you'll enjoy it!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Word Count, Some Progress Finally!

So the word count has been stagnent for two weeks on my latest novel, Juniper Sky. But today I sat down an dgot 2000 words out so that is a slow start back toward where I want to be.

51370/75000 words complete. Roughly 69%

Hopefully I can get this thing hammered out in the next few weeks. I hate it when a story launches out of your mind and on to the screen in one huge burst adn then faults big time.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Getting a Readers Attention

I was in Borders yesterday, looking for something new to read, and as I picked up and put back book after book I began to wonder how others decide on what to buy or not. I of course look at the cover, then read the blurb. If one character has a name that turns me off it is back to the shelf for the book. Then, if it the book passes those two tests, I read the first page. On thast page I am looking for two major things--the Author's voice and the time period. That got me thinking, when I purchase an ebook, I don't have that first page to read. Sure the usually is an excerpt or a blurb, but that doesn't satisfy my need for the first page. It may just be me, but I wish we could see the first ebook page as well.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Steamy Excerpt from Royal Cargo

Royal Cargo
by Ava James
Kidnapped on her wedding day, Princess Priya of Caethern has more to worry about than her unwanted groom. The fact that she is taken by a disgusting creature, stripped of her formal attire, and caged, doesn’t sit well either. When she is rescued by a rugged marauder, who is everything her world is not, and all that she wishes she could have, Priya is faced with more danger than any enemy could present.
Hector gets more than he bargains for when he steals one too many freighters from the enemy. The last thing he expected to find was a stolen princess. Traversing through the universe, fleeing multiple enemies, new dangers meet them at every turn. And in the end, the greatest peril may be letting go.

Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: Tangy
Book Length: Novella
Price: $3.99

Excerpt from Royal Cargo: A Kiss from the Big Bad Wolf....
Hector traced his hands up her naked flesh and rose to stand before her. Her body hummed and tingled with anticipation of his next move. Of their own accord, her breasts seemed to rise into his palms. When his thumbs brushed over her nipples, Priya thought she would melt.
One hand lingered upon her breast; his other skimmed down the gentle arch of her back to her bare ass and cupped her to him. She savored the delicious contact. Heat radiated off of their bodies, and electricity charged the air between them.
Priya saw her opportunity to kiss him, and although a novice, she took it. His hungry lips met her demanding mouth. Boldly, Priya thrust her tongue into the warmth of his mouth, rewarded by the new sensation and the gruff groan that escaped his throat.
Hector broke the kiss and began to lay gentle siege to her body. Featherlight touches and soft moist kisses assaulted Priya’s senses. Her world lit up with the glow of erotic sensation. His touch swept slowly over her body, lower with each kiss.
Leisurely, he ran his hand along Priya’s inner thigh and urged her legs to part. She willingly obeyed and observed his every movement. Hector ran his tongue down her hip then lower to her knee. The hot sensation of his breath combined with the soft nibbling and sucking made Priya dizzy. Not to mention the thrill of watching him.
A gentle kiss grazed her soft feminine curls, and she held her breath in heady intoxicating expectation. Then Hector placed another kiss firmly on the center of her longing. Priya closed her eyes and let her head roll back. The sensations he created took over her mind and body.
Hector slid his tongue into her warm, wet pussy. The contact was exactly what she craved. The tip of his tongue lingered on her clit while he stroked deliberate circles over her swollen skin.
A jerk of her hips in unison with a sweet gasp was Priya’s reply. Her fingers entwined in the silken curls of Hector’s hair as he drove her wild. She wanted to experience all he offered.
With each flick of his skillful tongue, her ecstasy grew. This was the most erotic and maddening experience of her life. She gazed into his amber eyes while his tongue laved her sensitive flesh. Her body burned and throbbed for what she’d never experienced.
Like the rolling clouds of a building storm, lightning erupted from within. One hand braced on the wall behind her, the other cradled his head. She moaned his name. Her first orgasm rippled down her spine, and her knees shook.
“Ah, you taste as sweet as you look.”

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Castle Yahoo Group Turns 500!

It happend this evening, and I fear I will have thoroughly annoyed many people before I am done with my posts on the subject.

But, this is too cool. So check out the group, and I am also up on another fabulous author's blog. Check me out on

That's all for now folks!