Monday, February 25, 2008

Never Enough Time

I have been writting and rewritting. And rewritting some more. Every time I go back and read what I have wrote I change something. Maybe something small like one word in one line, then again it maybe something big, like an entire scene.
This weekend I changed an entire scene which caused an entire chapter to be rewritten and who knows how much more. It is just frustrating! I feel like a hamster in a wheel. I am caught up in my own perfectionism and I can't get out!!!
On top of that it is midterm. I hate midterms--give me a paper any day.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hard to say . . .

Ok, so I am reworking a story, like I said before. Problem is that I am finding many of the things I have written are not adequatley expressing what I feel or want to convey with it.
It is hard to write something that can evoke those feelings in the reader. You could say She felt this but that is not the point of writing. I don;t just want to tell a story, I want the reader to feel for the story while I tell it.
It is hard to say what you feel and I am just wrestling with that now.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Year and I hadn't posted yet!

Okay. So I am a lack luster blogger. It is a new year and I still hadn't written anything. I could make the excuse that I am a graduate student and that's why I haven't wrote in months, but with that attitude I would never accomplish anything.
Instead I am going to start February off right or write.

For One Dark Knight needs alot of work. I have all these great ideas for stories that buzz around in my head and with the exception with some scribbled notes and a few chapters thay never are a finished work. I did write a complete novel, but as I reread it I see more and more the essential mistakes I have made as a novice in the feild of writting. So I am reworking the reworked.