Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dark God Descending by Tony-Paul De Vissage

When I decided to write in the horror genre, I chose to limit myself to vampire stories, I wished to write something different. With that in mind, I turned my attention from les vampires of the Old World and concentrated on those in the New. It appears almost all cultures have stories of bloodsucking creatures of the night, being who for one reason or another have offended their deity and are accursed. So what was the Native Americans' spin on this legend? I decided to find out, concentrating on the native of Central America specifically the Maya.
Dark God Descending is the story of two men, seperated by thousands of years, thrown together by unbelievable circumstances; it is the story of their friendship and their love for the same woman, and what is involved in accepting event Fate has dealt them. It is available from Sams Dot Publishing at
Be sure to check out this intrigueing story and read an excerpt!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There is no snow on the ground here in St. Louis, but it certainly is cold! I was listening to the radio today and heard the one Christmas song that I all know it, the John Lennon song, Happy Christmas (War Is Over).
Warmest wishes to you and your family in this holiday season!