Friday, June 19, 2009


Yes, Alaska is calling again. And this time, the offer is almost too good to resist. If a company offered you double your annual salary and better benefits, would you sell the house and head north?

I've listed the positive, so teh negative?
Well, you guessed it--cold. 19 degrees colder on average per day than my current state (which sounds good when the temp here is 95 with 84% humidity) And did I mention the relocation? 64 hours driving, 3700 miles away. My family is small, and with the job offer I would be off for EVERY holiday for several days and sometimes weeks :) I'd only work 202 days out of the year

Fate threw me the opportunity to head North, to a rural area before. Now fate is offering up a tasty bit of metropolatin in the middle of the mountains.

I will keep you posted on my possible exodus


  1. Debra Kayn said...
    I'd go in a heartbeat. :-) Actually, that is our plan for next year if things don't shape up here in our area. My hubs is losing his job he's had for over 32years. I've lived in Fairbanks before, and loved it.

    It is a hard decision for someone to make though. Good luck with figuring it all out and feeling good about your choice.
    Nicole Zoltack said...
    Wow, possibly moving to Alaska. It's a huge decision, and one that I don't envy. I hate the cold. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Not sure I could move there. But double the salary and better benefits? That's a really good deal. Good luck deciding!
    Sarah Simas said...
    North to Alaska! Wha-Hoo! I'd go! I'd spend the days I wasn't working or! How exciting, Ava! I've always wanted to go see Alaska.

    *heehee* My brother in law and his g-friend bicycled through parts of Alaska last year. (as in slept in tents and lived out of packs on their bikes.) I told his g-friend she only had to pedal faster than him to out run a bear. ROTFL!!

    Let us know what you decide. Might be worth a trip there to scope things out.
    Kristen howe said...
    I love your website and blog site Ava! Nice soundtrack and colors. I would love to go to Alaska. How was it? I've been a lurker at AWH/Novel Sisterhood lately. Will post prologue up to site soon.

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