Friday, March 27, 2009

A Bold San Francisco Girl and her Alaskan Grizzly

Okay, I have been very lax in my posting b/c my muse has had me writing on this new Western set in Dawson City Alaska c. 1899. See what you think of their first kiss.

Unedited Excerpt:

“Good Evening, Mr. Duke.” Reginald Everett replied when Carolina should have.
Speak up, woman!

“I’m sorry Mr. Duke, evening.” Her gaze fixed on the handsome man beside her.

“I thought I’d join the two of you.” He pulled a chair from the table behind him and scooted it in with a loud screech.

What was he doing here?

“Mr. Duke, I—”

“Now Carolina, we are business partners, call me Clayton.” He smiled and she caught the undercurrent of anger in his voice.

“Clayton, I am not sure that Mr. Everett and I would like you here.”

“Nonsense,” He patted Reginald hard on the shoulder, causing the man to lean forward with the force. “You don’t mind, do you Reggie?” The tense set of his lips and the near growl that came across proved all the more that Clayton was mad.

“No—no, you are welcome to stay Mr. Duke.” Reginald wiped his mouth with his napkin and brought a shaky hand to his wine glass.

“See Carolina, I am more than welcome.” He turned to her and smirked.

He grabbed her glass and took a sip of the rich red wine. A single drop of the liquor hung on his lip and glistened before his tongue swept out to catch it. His gaze fixed on her and her entire body flushed with the heat of him.

Clayton looked around the room and snapped his fingers, “Can I get an extra glass and a plate over here.” He motioned with his hand to signal to their table. Oh, these were the Alaskan manners she was used to.

“On second thought, could you please bring him a trough?” Two could play at his game.

“Carolina, thank you for thinking of my needs, but a plate will serve me well enough.” His smile widened and she wanted to slap him. Clayton leaned close to her and reached for a napkin. “Nice dress.” He commented and proceeded to place the cloth in his lap. Someone brought a plate and glass to the table, and Clayton thanked the unknown man.

“Don’t you think you’d be happier at Juniper Sky?” She asked.

“Funny you should mention our little saloon. I stopped by there with the intent of asking you to dinner, and now here I am. You know, the other night, after I rang Mr. Rich Piss’s bell, no offense,” He turned to Mr. Everett, who sat wide eyed. “We had such an amorous discussion that I thought we could finish it tonight. That is, if you are well enough.”

Carolina rose from her chair and slapped him. She snatched her shawl up in a flourish and stomped out of the stunned silent room.

How could he have said that!

There was no way that she could stay in the room for one more moment. Clayton Duke was the most vile man of her acquaintance! He was a toad, a slimy swamp toad, a wolf in a handsome man’s clothing! “Men!” She grumbled and stomped down the wooden planked walkway.

“Carolina.” Clayton called from behind her.

“Leave me alone Clayton Duke!” She screamed and glared at him from over her shoulder. She pulled her shawl tight around her shoulder when a lone snowflake feel onto her exposed skin. How could it be snowing? This was May! Did nothing make sense in this damned state?
More flakes fell before her, but she ignored them.

“Carolina, wait, I—”

She’d had enough, and it was high time someone knew it. She stopped dead and wheeled around to unleash her venom. “You what, Clayton? You’re sorry? Right! That’s like saying you are a gentleman. No, you come in all ‘piss and pomp’ ready to ruin everything I have. Can’t you leave me be?” She stomped closer to him and poked her index finger at his chest. “Why can’t you and Big Beth be happy in your pig-headed behavior picking on someone else, hum?” She leaned up into his face and bit her lip. The scent of his cologne caught her attention. He smelled of fresh linens, leather, and sage. Why did he have to smell soo good? “I hate you!” She muttered and her gaze fixed on his parted lips.

Then, he did the unexpected and long over due thing—he kissed her.

Clayton wrapped one strong arm around her tense body and took her lips in a passionate kiss that curled her toes. His warm lips massaged hers and she found herself opening to him. Her once accusing fingers slid up his shirt to twine into his hair.

He bent down and held her suspended in his arms, her knees wobbly from the rush of sensations that flooded her system. Cold snowflakes fell on her cheeks and his heated breath chased the chill away. His tongue thrust into her mouth and she pulled him tight to her. She was lost in beautiful hatred.

He pulled back and looked down into her face, his gaze hooded and hot. “I hate you too.”


  1. Debra Kayn said...
    Sounds great, Ava! Carolina sounds like a character full of personality...I like her, lol.
    Deb said...
    Ava, oh Carolina is my type of girl.

    When does this come out?
    Lisa said...
    Oh, Ava! I just lurve a western and had to check this one out. I really like it!! Nice job. This is definitely something I would read!!
    Ava James ~Romance Writer said...
    Thanks Ladies! She is a young woman from polite society just trying to make it as a buisness owner in Alaska--okay, maybe she is trying to make it 'with' a buisness owner in Alaska. Can you blame the girl? It is 1899, women should have equal rights too you know!


    Sarah Simas said...
    Great Excerpt, Ava! We all love those alpha-males, don't we! But the only way we could tolerate them is in a book! LOL Great job!
    Ava James ~Romance Writer said...
    You know, I actually live with a man who is almost the Clayton in the flesh LOL Damn husband and all his needs, they are pretty whinny. LOL
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