Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reviewer Interview with Dianna Fryer

Thank you Debra Fryer, reviewer, reader, and Castle In The Sky Yahoo Group member.
So let's get this interview rolling. You are not an author, but you are a reviewer. Where do you review, and how did you come to be a reviewer? What's the best part of reviewing? (The free books Ava says nudging)

Night Owl Romance @ Manic Readers
The best part of reviewing...getting books before they are available to the public!

What is the one thing that makes you go, "Oh please!" Is there one phrase that you really are just sick of? Some tired cliche that you wish would die a terrible literary death? Mine--whatever. That word was bog for far too long, we are no longer Clueless.

There isn't one specific, it is more when any phrase or such is either misused or over used in a spacific area..I have to watch myself that I do not keep repeating myself in my comments lol

Then I am much more picky as a reviewer than you. I review for Dark Divas by the way.
Enough about me, next question. Who is your all time favorite author, the one that you would read over and over again. You know you have one book on your shelf with well worn corners and a cracked spine.

There are several actually that I just have to have everything they own, and read them over and over. Thinks hard *Please ignore the smoke smell* I give up there are about 6 or so that I just read no matter what but when push comes to shove my answer is Laurell K Hamilton

Alright, for the next few this is our rapid fire round.
Which do you prefer?

Blonde or Brunette Heros Red heads lol

Bold or Timid Heroines Bold
Imagine that, I agree. What good is a damsel in distress? You have to be a damsel in distress with purpose, and some hip swaying. LOL

Happily Ever After or Happy for Now HEA

Red Corvette or Red pick-up Truck Silverado preferably lol

Chinese Food or Mexican depends on my mood

Men in Uniform or Men in Wranglers Wranglers as long as they fit as they should

Margarita or Martini Pina Colada lol
~ Alright, I feel link breaking out into song--oh wait, my playlist has this one on for you now!

Last One, and it's quick like a band aid. You are cast in a movie as the leading lady, what type of movie is it, and who should be cast as your hero?

a romantic comedy...can I have either Rob Pattinson, Orlando Bloom, or Leonardo DeCaprio lol. If I am getting a HEA myself it would definately be one of them...

There you go, even though Pirates of the Carribean is not the HEA romantic comedy that you are looking to star in, I think somewhere in his contract it should be mandatory that he appear half naked and wet. This man's for you Dianna!


  1. Sarah Simas said...
    Thanks Ava and Dianna for an entertaining interview! I loved the music. Great choice- who can't help but have that song stuck in their melons all day?!

    Dianna- I agree 100% on the Wranglers!

    Excellent questions, Ava!
    Tammie King - Night Owl Romance said...
    I just loved the interview - Very catchy and I loved the flow.
    Debra Kayn said...
    I love the comment about the wranglers. So true, they have to fit or they're just another pair of pants, lol.

    Great interview Ava and Dianna. I enjoyed it.
    Ava James ~Romance Writer said...
    I was tempted to find a picture of Brett Favre's rear in wranglers. But then I figured that the Orlando Bloom ending and Pina Coladas were more in line with eachother. I cannot picture Brett with a Pina Colada in hand. LOL

    Thanks for all the comments!
    Debra Kayn said...
    lol. I can't picture it either. But I bet if Brett was wearing wranglers, I wouldn't notice the pina colada he held. ;-)
    Ava James ~Romance Writer said...
    True, True

    I would be too enamored of his ass to look up toward the glass.

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