Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Uncommon Sense ~ The Rantings Of the Frustrated

I am personally sick and tired of irresponsible people. They are the reason that so many of us are out of jobs. The reason so many people who work actually make less than the ignorant (meaning lacking knowledge) individuals who are no good at any profession except sloth (and baby making--more welfare money in that don't you know).

This my "Soooo sick and feed up!" moment.

All of you know my usual sarcastic and smiling demeanor. But I am feed up with irresponsible individuals making decisions that ultimately affect every part of my life. Financially, most of us will never have the chance to recover from the nonsensical decisions made by a few with their own interests. Why the hell should my tax money go to better the lives of people who have never paid taxes and completely inept of any discernible skill?

"Here, please take the money that could pay off debt, and fund more welfare. I mean if we are all on welfare, then we have appropriately socialized and degraded our self worth down into the level of learned helplessness that will support the current idiotic beliefs of this blatantly wasteful system."

I think I'll move to Australia.


  1. Debra Kayn said...

    Our family is just one of those effected by irresponsible people. So, I am right there with you...*grumble grumble*

    It is always nice to know someone agrees with you...so I posted to let you know you are not alone in your thinking. :-)
    Ava James ~Romance Writer said...
    Yep, I know that there are more of us out there and it would seem that with each day things get murkier around here.

    Something is no longer foul in the state of Denmark--the stench has shifted gears and taken residence on our manucured lawns.

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