Saturday, May 16, 2009

Getting a Readers Attention

I was in Borders yesterday, looking for something new to read, and as I picked up and put back book after book I began to wonder how others decide on what to buy or not. I of course look at the cover, then read the blurb. If one character has a name that turns me off it is back to the shelf for the book. Then, if it the book passes those two tests, I read the first page. On thast page I am looking for two major things--the Author's voice and the time period. That got me thinking, when I purchase an ebook, I don't have that first page to read. Sure the usually is an excerpt or a blurb, but that doesn't satisfy my need for the first page. It may just be me, but I wish we could see the first ebook page as well.


  1. Nicole Zoltack said...
    When I go to the bookstore, I first look at title, cover, back blurb. If I like all those, I read the first page. Out of those 4 things, the author only has say on 2 of them. Kinda crazy to think about, huh? I completely agree that reading the first page of an ebook should be allowed. I guess we just have to be satisfied with the blurbs and excerpts though.
    Ava James ~Romance Writer said...
    I guess so. In a print book I have all these requirements--and for ebooks they cannot be satisfied ;(

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