Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Steamy Excerpt from Royal Cargo

Royal Cargo
by Ava James
Kidnapped on her wedding day, Princess Priya of Caethern has more to worry about than her unwanted groom. The fact that she is taken by a disgusting creature, stripped of her formal attire, and caged, doesn’t sit well either. When she is rescued by a rugged marauder, who is everything her world is not, and all that she wishes she could have, Priya is faced with more danger than any enemy could present.
Hector gets more than he bargains for when he steals one too many freighters from the enemy. The last thing he expected to find was a stolen princess. Traversing through the universe, fleeing multiple enemies, new dangers meet them at every turn. And in the end, the greatest peril may be letting go.

Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: Tangy
Book Length: Novella
Price: $3.99

Excerpt from Royal Cargo: A Kiss from the Big Bad Wolf....
Hector traced his hands up her naked flesh and rose to stand before her. Her body hummed and tingled with anticipation of his next move. Of their own accord, her breasts seemed to rise into his palms. When his thumbs brushed over her nipples, Priya thought she would melt.
One hand lingered upon her breast; his other skimmed down the gentle arch of her back to her bare ass and cupped her to him. She savored the delicious contact. Heat radiated off of their bodies, and electricity charged the air between them.
Priya saw her opportunity to kiss him, and although a novice, she took it. His hungry lips met her demanding mouth. Boldly, Priya thrust her tongue into the warmth of his mouth, rewarded by the new sensation and the gruff groan that escaped his throat.
Hector broke the kiss and began to lay gentle siege to her body. Featherlight touches and soft moist kisses assaulted Priya’s senses. Her world lit up with the glow of erotic sensation. His touch swept slowly over her body, lower with each kiss.
Leisurely, he ran his hand along Priya’s inner thigh and urged her legs to part. She willingly obeyed and observed his every movement. Hector ran his tongue down her hip then lower to her knee. The hot sensation of his breath combined with the soft nibbling and sucking made Priya dizzy. Not to mention the thrill of watching him.
A gentle kiss grazed her soft feminine curls, and she held her breath in heady intoxicating expectation. Then Hector placed another kiss firmly on the center of her longing. Priya closed her eyes and let her head roll back. The sensations he created took over her mind and body.
Hector slid his tongue into her warm, wet pussy. The contact was exactly what she craved. The tip of his tongue lingered on her clit while he stroked deliberate circles over her swollen skin.
A jerk of her hips in unison with a sweet gasp was Priya’s reply. Her fingers entwined in the silken curls of Hector’s hair as he drove her wild. She wanted to experience all he offered.
With each flick of his skillful tongue, her ecstasy grew. This was the most erotic and maddening experience of her life. She gazed into his amber eyes while his tongue laved her sensitive flesh. Her body burned and throbbed for what she’d never experienced.
Like the rolling clouds of a building storm, lightning erupted from within. One hand braced on the wall behind her, the other cradled his head. She moaned his name. Her first orgasm rippled down her spine, and her knees shook.
“Ah, you taste as sweet as you look.”


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