Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Author Interview with Brieanna Robertson!

Please join me in welcoming another great author to the blog, Brieanna Robertson!
Below is my breif interview with the talented author.

Ava: What drew you to writing? When did you first put your fingers to the keyboard, or pen to paper and write your first complete manuscript?

B: In all reality, I think I've been writing since I was first taught how. lol. As far as I know, I've always had stories in my head. They've never not been there, and I've been writing them down ever since I was a little kid. My mother would have thought something was terribly wrong if she didn't see me surrounded by notebooks, scribbling madly away. I wrote my first real manuscript when I was thirteen. As we can all imagine, it sucked pretty badly. lol. Then I started writing seriously in high school. I sent my first manuscript to a publisher when I was 17, but of course got rejected. My first publication-worthy novel was first completed when I was 19, and it went through several drafts before it was finally acceptable to my own standards.

Ava: That's great that you had such an early start and a lasting passion for writing. Is your first novel still out there for those of us interested to read?

B: Yes! It's the first in my Serendipity Series of contemporary romance. It's The Road Less Traveled and is available in ebook at and in print at

Ava: What is something all of us should know about you? Besides the fact that you are a fabulous author.

B: I guess one thing I like to tell everyone is how much of a heavy metal music fan I am. lol. It seems to contradict the image of an author, I guess. People seem surprised when they hear about me going to concerts, banging my head and stalking rock stars. Music is a great inspiration for me. I have a lot of plots in my books that revolve around music in some fashion. It also goes hand in hand with my overall philosophy to be true to yourself. That's the one, main, consitent theme in all of my books.

Ava: Well, would you like to know where I was on the first two tuesday's in November? ZZ Top and Sammy Hagar-- and I was in pampers when their first music videos came out. LOL

B: Right on! Keep rockin' :)

Ava: What is your all time favorite movie? The one that you could watch again and again.

B: My absolute favorite would have to be Anne of Green Gables. When I was a little girl, all I wanted to be was a stubborn, rebellious, no-nonsense girl like Anne, and I always wanted to have flaming red hair. Now, twenty years later, here I am. I have flaming red hair by choice and couldn't have turned out more like Anne Shirley if I'd tried. lol. She is my favorite heroine of all time, indomitable and indestructable. She doesn't let anything stand in her way. I watch this movie whenever I'm feeling down. It instantly lifts my spirits and makes me feel like I can take on the world again.

Ava: What would you like to find underneath your Christmas tree?

B: Well, I actually don't celebrate Christmas, but if I did...Could it be my favorite musician standing there with two plane tickets, waiting to take me to Finland? LOL

Ava: Certainly! Brieanna, thanks for joining me. Before you go, where can we find you out in the ebook world?

B: You can find my ebooks at,,, and as well as many other online resellers. I also have print work available at and

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  1. Faith said...
    I want an Aztak ereader under my xmas tree, LOL.

    Nice interview, ladies.

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