Friday, November 14, 2008

Author Interview With Kathleen MacIver

Ava: Please join me in welcoming the talented Kathleen MacIver to the blog!

Kathleen:Thanks for this Interview, Ava! I'm always interested in meeting new people!

Ava: Glad to have you! I was wondering what corner of the wide world are you located in? And where can we find you in cyberspace?

Kathleen: I'm in a tiny town in the middle of farm country in Ohio. :-)
It's much easier to find me online, at

Ava: For those unfamiliar with your work, what do you write?

Kathleen: I write sweet romance. My stories are based in modern Scotland, but they often have Americans, and they always have a time-travel twist thrown in there somewhere. For example, my short story, When Time Stands Still is the story of Matthew... an American who ends up learning how to forge swords in the Scottish Highlands... then discovers that the men in his mentor's family all know how to fight with them... and then he meets a mysterious woman...

Then, To Know Who You Are starts in the Pennsylvania mountains, when a woman named Kyra discovers that Jason (a man she went to high school with but hasn't really seen since) knows how to sword fight. That's kind of an odd skill for a modern American to have. But it's nothing to what comes next, when she sees a vision of him in the past, fighting to protect her. I won't give away any more secrets!

Ava: Oh drat! You go and get me interested and leave me hanging! Oh well, I'll just wait for the release. = )
So out of all the stories you have written, who are your favorite hero and heroine? I know my favorite chacracters are not in the same story.

Kathleen: You know, I like a lot of my characters in different ways... and I can see it changing as I move on to new books and new characters.

Right now, though, I'd have to say that my favorite character is still Jason. I'm doing yet another re-write of his story, and he just keeps getting better and better! My favorite heroine, right now, is Jenna. She'll figure in one of my future stories. She's a firebrand, and she's very capable... yet underneath, she hides a tender, but stubborn determination to stick by her man... even though he has no idea she loves him.

Ava: Determined and capable--I like her already.
Shifting gears, Let's say that a major motion picture is going to based on your life. Who would you like seen cast as you? What rating is this film? And what category would we nominate if for?Comedy, Drama, know the rest.

Kathleen: Oh man. I guess I'd say Sandra Bullock, simply because she often plays characters a little like me... and hubby says she's kind-of like me in some ways. You know... the "girl-next-door" kind of actor. But as to the type of movie?
Well... everyone would say it was the boring type! That's not a bad thing, though. I had a pretty sheltered childhood, and my adult life hasn't had too much turmoil or drama. At least, the turmoil and drama has been mostly mild compared to a lot of people's. I'm drawing a blank beyond that!

Ava: Rapid Fire Round : Which do you prefer? Boxers or Breifs?

Kathleen: Boxers

Ava: Naughty or Nice?

Kathleen: Nice

Ava: Muscles or Dimples?

Kathleen: Muscles, of course!

Ava: Armani or Wranglers?

Kathleen: Wranglers

Ava: I know that you have an upcoming release in the One Touch, One Glance : A Sweet Romance Anthology from Freya's Bower. After the Dec 9th release, what's next?

Kathleen: Well... I'm hoping to get this re-write done on Jason's story, and then send out some more queries to agents. This story is a full-length 300 page novel, and I'd really like to sell it to NY... but I've got to get an agent, first!
I'm considering writing another story for Freya's Bower, if they want one, and if I get a good idea for one.
Finally, this week, I'm starting a "help me write it" story on my blog. I'm almost finished with the first scene, and I'm hoping I can get my blog readers interested enough to tell me where THEY'D like the story to go next. It should be a fun adventure... both in the story, and a writing adventure! If anyone wants to check it out, the blog is on my website. Just go to and click "Blog," then "Notes from the Author's Desk."If any readers would like to ask a specific question, go right ahead and ask it in the comments!

Ava: Thank you Kathleen, for interviewing with me. I will certainly be stopping by the blog and I look forward to reading your story When Time Stands Still.


  1. Trinity Blacio said...
    Great Interview! Loved the questions and the answers! I'm from Ohio to Kathleen!
    Faith said...
    Nice interview, ladies!
    Kathleen said...
    Hi Trinity! Another Ohio-ite, huh? Nice to see you here.

    And thanks, Faith!
    Mindy said...
    Cool interview ladies,
    I LOVE time travel stories & Scottish heros are the hottest.
    I'm looking forward to your stories.

    Mindy :)
    Anonymous said...
    Genial brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

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